Weekly Round Up #14

Another week of lockdown done and I am no longer at home alone as Liam has now been furloughed. So here is how the week went...

Another day another workout, my calves had finally recovered from the previous week so I did a bit more working out. Then it was up into the games room to get blogging.

Liam rung me from work to tell me as from Wednesday he would be home with me so it was a case of being as productive as I could before he was home. I managed to sort all my shoes at the bottom of the stairs sorted & even managed to basically empty the wash baskets.

The first day with both me and Liam at home, to be honest not much happened he played on the PS4 & I was at my PC blogging away. It was strange having him at home as I had spent the first week on my own. 

Thursday was spent lounging around, doing a little bit of blogging & a little bit of gaming but that is it. I need to try mix up my days a little as I was getting pretty fed up at this point so we ended up having a relaxing day & then watching a film at night

I ended up getting Liam to take some pictures for my blog for me. We are lucky that we have a pretty decent garden so I can still get out and take some pictures. Once they were done it was a case of uploading them all for the blog and just relaxing. My MyProtein order was also delivered so I am well and truly stocked up on the goods.  

We got out in the garden and had a bit of a kick about but the day was mainly spent with us both watching films which was great as it is something we don't do often enough. 

Not much happened on Sunday as I wasn't feeling too good. I spent most of my day watching YouTube & taking part in a few Twitter chats.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: We watched quite a few films, I watched all 3 High School Musical films and then together we watched Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil & Vile, The Simpsons Movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney+ has been fantastic so far.  

Reading: I managed to read a few more pages of my book but that is it. 

Listening to: Once again all that I have listened to is Demi Lovato, I just can't get enough of listening to all her different albums on Spotify. 

This week I want to be get plenty more blog posts written, do a few more jobs around the house & get playing football in the garden a bit more. 

See you soon

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