My Dressing Table Has Become The Perfect Storage Space

 One of the things I definitely wanted for the spare room was a dressing table, just somewhere I could go on a morning and sit and do my hair. I wanted something on the smaller side so I had space for my Alex Drawers so we went for the Brimnes dressing table from Ikea at £65, it was one of the most reasonably priced dressers we had seen and was the one I definitely wanted as it fit the room perfectly and matched with the rest of the furniture already in the room. Not only am I using this as a dressing table but it also doubles up as a desk when required.

What I love about this dressing table is that it isn't just one big long drawer, you have a drawer to the left and then the right is a lidded compartment with a few sectioned off parts. That lid also comes with a mirror attached so when it is up you have the perfect tool for getting ready.

As you can see I haven't put anything in the sectioned off part but I am considering adding some jewellery in to here so it is super easy to access.

In the drawer though it is filling up nicely as this is where I am storing my glasses. I have a variety of pairs of prescription glasses and a few pairs of sunglasses in this drawer and it is making my life so much easier. Now I can just pick a pair of glasses and head out the door where as before it took ages trying to remember where I put a pair, so here are the glasses I have in there...

I have an empty Ray Ban case in here as my glasses are actually at work as I forgot to bring them home with me before this whole lockdown started. I also have an empty Ray Ban sunglasses case as I can't seem to find my sunglasses at the moment... better hurry up and find them for summer though.

I also have a bottle of this Boots lens cleaner in the drawer too and I can easily say I love this stuff. It was only cheap but it gets the job done and cleans any smudges with ease.

So in terms of glasses first up we have my Tommy Hilfiger ones which at the moment are my go to pair. I love the red and blue on these glasses and how the arms are rubber. They sit nicely behind my ears and I have never had an issue with them becoming uncomfortable. 

 Next up we have my Converse ones which are a nice simple black pair with quite thin arms, I love these glasses as they are just so simple and go with any outfit I plan to wear. 

 Finally we have my Ralph Lauren pair, this pair I wear when I want to go for a smarter look or if I am going to a party. They are smaller framed than my other pairs and are a thicker black unlike my other pairs. The only other colour they have is the silver logo on one arm and 2 blue stripes on the other. 

So there we have it those are the items I keep in my dressing table, what do you keep in yours?

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