The Perfect Outfit For Autumn

The cold weather is rolling in now which means it is finally time for my favourite things, nights wrapped up at the football, cosy nights in and most importantly layering up my clothing and keeping nice and warm. 

Forget summer I would much rather walk around with 5 layers on than a pair of shorts and just a t-shirt. For some reason I just feel much comfortable like this and have done for quite a long time. One item of clothing I will buy over and over again is a checked shirt, this becomes my go to once the temperature drops and the chill is in the air. The reason I always reach for these is the fact if it gets a little warmer during the day I can just unbutton it as I always have a t-shirt underneath or if it gets colder I can style it with plenty of different jackets.

Primark this year have a great selection of checked shirts and I have already picked up this red one and a blue one, but I do have my eye on a lot more. At just £8 I can fill my wardrobe up with them and they last a long time. They tend to wash really well and I still have one from a few years ago so I can honestly say you get that £8's worth 10 times over, they are really soft too so perfect for keeping you cosy on those cold days. 

I always pair my shirts up with a nice pair of skinny jeans and the great think is I have found they work really well with any colour jeans so I am never stuck for anything to pair them up with. My favourite at the moment though is my grey high waisted skinny jeans with my red checked shirt they just seem to work really well together and they actually fit really nice. As I said earlier I always have a t-shirt underneath just to keep me warm and for that t-shirt I just use the £2 slim fit men's plain t-shirts from Primark. I have a shelf just full of different colours of these as they last me a while and fit really nice, plus for £2 you can't go wrong as when I am done with them they get passed to my Grandad for him to use for when he is doing some D.I.Y as he says they are great for waxing furniture. 

One thing I would love to ty though is styling them with some chinos if I ever find some that fit me right as I think this could dress up the outfit a little bit for any smarter events I ever had to attend.

My go to trainers lately have been my Nike Janoski's (post coming soon) because they feel like slippers, honestly some times you forget they are even on your feet they are that comfortable. Plus I have found they look really good teamed up with these grey jeans. You will see in the future my love for crazy trainers but honestly when I have the checked shirt on I love to keep what footwear I have on nice and simple so these black and white ones are perfect. I can even team them up with some all white ones if I fancy. 

The best part is though when the bad weather comes I can wear this outfit with some worker style boots (when I finally get a pair) and it will still look good but I can also make the whole outfit look a little smarter with my Chelsea boots or when I finally find some... desert boots. 

In terms of jackets for when it is colder I love pairing the outfit with my Penguin bomber jacket as I believe it works really well and the jacket isn't too heavy weight. However, I will probably end up spending 90% of my time wearing this outfit with my black Primark denim jacket as I could easily live in that thing (I will do a post all about the jacket soon though). The best part about this outfit though is 90% of the jackets I own will work with it so I am never stuck for choice.

The outfit:
Black T-Shirt - Primark £2.00
Checked Shirt - Primark £8.00
Skinny Jeans - Primark £13.00
Original Penguin Jacket - House of Fraser £30.00 on offer
Nike Janoski's - Nike Outlet Leeds £15.00

This could very easily be the sort of outfit I am living in this autumn and even right through to winter. What do you find yourself reaching for in the wardrobe when the weather gets colder?

See you soon

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