Last Week #63

Another week done and dusted, and to be honest I had a pretty productive week. I have managed to get more jobs ticked off in the spare room which seems to be coming together slowly but surely, who knows it may even be done in time for Christmas. I had a day out shopping with family where I started getting a few Christmas presents sorted out and even picked up some new clothes for work. Nights have just been spent getting jobs done but on Saturday there was a nice change as I went to my Sister's Halloween party. Unfortunately though thanks to enjoying myself a little too much, not much got done on Sunday. So here is what I had...

Been Watching : YouTube, YouTube and more YouTube. It is all I have been watching lately and for some reason it has been make up and skincare decluttering videos. Oh and of course I have still been keeping up with the Sidemen videos.

Been reading : With so much going on in the house unfortunately once again I didn't have chance to read.

Been listening to : I have once again listened to nothing but the Descendants soundtrack it is just so good.

Bought : I went a bit mad last week with the spending, I bought a load of presents, a new t-shirt for myself, some clothes for work and yet another pair of trainers (can't wait to style them soon).

Plans for this week : I really want to get even more done in the house this week, I want to get the spare room so it is ready for wallpapering, I also want to strip the wallpaper off the bathroom walls as it isn't long until the work in the bathroom starts, at last. Other than all that we have hopefully 2 football games to go to (please don't rain badly). It is definitely going to be a week at home sorting things, I love how things are finally falling into place.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

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