Autumn/Winter Wish List : Matalan

Matalan is one of those shops I would always dismiss, until I found those perfect checked trousers I wrote about earlier in the week. Since I found those I have been back & forth on their website and had a couple of store visits and I have realised just how nice some of their clothing actually is. Which has led me to making this little wish list of the items I am really hoping to pick up in the near future.

Raglan t-shirt £6

This style of t-shirt is definitely one of my favourites as I just love how they look so simple. The one I am hoping to pick up just has a grey body with maroon sleeves and a small logo on the front. I would definitely use this when layering up as it should go with plenty of jackets and shirts I already own. At £6 it is a great price too.

Cowl neck fleece top £15

One thing I am hoping to do over these colder months is spent a lot more time indoors nice and cosy blogging away. For that I want some nice comfortable clothing for lounging around and keeping me warm. This fleece top is ticking all the boxes for me, it looks really soft and comfortable and will be perfect for those weekends on the sofa blogging away or sat in front of my PC. I get cold far too easily and for some reason I catch colds really easily too so staying warm is an essential for me, plus it will keep me nice and warm whilst gaming as that games room doesn't warm up at all.

Fleece dressing gown £18

Similar to the above a dressing gown is also perfect for me to keep nice and warm however, my current Assassins Creed one isn't really doing the job any more as it has become a bit too tight, I prefer my dressing gowns a bit bigger so I feel more comfortable. This fleece one looks perfect and at just £18 it isn't a bad price at all. I also love the maroon colour so it would be a hard choice of whether to get this one or a grey one?

Fisherman crew neck jumper £15.00

My wardrobe is seriously lacking in jumpers, I currently have 3 so I want plenty more so I am well stocked for the colder weather. But what I want is some simple ones so this is ticking all the boxes as it is just nice and simple with no logos at all so perfect to pair with a variety of different outfits I believe plus £15 isn't a bad price at all.

Pull on embroidered hoodie £12.50

Finally we have the good old trusted hoodies. Matalan have some great ones in for just £12.50 so I want to get stocked up on those as that is a brilliant price for how good they look, just nice and simple with a tiny logo on. I have my eyes on a few colours such as mustard, maroon and this light grey. Fingers crossed that they have my size left in these.

I am absolutely loving Matalan at the moment and can see a bit of a haul coming up very soon, what are you loving from Matalan recently? What have you got your eyes on?

See you soon

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