Giving Lush Another Go.

I am constantly falling in and out of love with Lush. In the past I have mainly stuck to just using their bath bombs but the jelly ones I don't like and I aren't a fan of their glitter ones too. 

One thing I am wanting to do lately though is make more of an effort with the products I use, I want to narrow down the amount of plastic I use and I want to try move away from the usual suspects I use. Lately the only shower gel I have used is the Lynx ice chill one as it became a bit of a go to but the bottle just seems to be never ending and I am getting sick of the smell of it. So I picked up the Whoosh shower jelly, I personally haven't used it before but my sister has. I don't even know what made me pick this out of the whole shop but I can't wait to get trying it. I have to admit though Liam was quite funny in store as his inner child came out when he just stood prodding the sample they had out, remind me I need to hide this from him.

I went in really wanting to come out with a new face mask as in the past I have absolutely loved them. So I opted for my old favourite Mask of Magnaminity which is a peppermint face and body mask. This worked wonders for my skin in the past so lets hope it does the trick once again. The only thing with this is it can leave a real mess in the sink when washed off I have found so I will have to be really careful when we get the new bathroom fitted.

Finally I have wanted to try one of their tooth jellies for a while so why not jump right in there with the candy cane one. I was a bit confused on how this worked if I am honest with you but a lovely member of staff give me a demonstration and I couldn't believe how simple it actually  is to use. Plus the smell of it was absolutely gorgeous so I knew I was definitely sold.

Another thing I really love about Lush is that when you use up the products in tubs you can save them up, take them in store and get a face mask for free. So that is definitely more of an incentive for me as it means I will completely use a product alongside actually recycling for a change not wasting a product and binning the packaging.

I will definitely be having another trip to Lush very soon to try get some items to improve my skincare routine as my skin has got terrible lately. Can you recommend any products that may help my latest breakout?

See you soon

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