The Disney Tag - It's Harder Than You Think

When reading Jenny's blog Jenny In Neverland I came across her Disney tag that she did and it was a  brilliant read so I reached out to her and asking if she minded me doing on her and she said yes. I am a huge Disney geek and have been for a very long time (I even have a Stitch and Star Wars tattoo)  and I can see the Disney tattoo's growing. Here are my answers to the Disney tag it definitely wasn't easy. 

1. Favourite Character

This is possibly the easiest question to kick the tag off with. For me it is definitely Stitch.
2. Favourite Princess

Seen as the house is filled with Ariel items I think it is safe to say Ariel is my favourite princess.
3. Favourite Heroine

4. Favourite Prince

Eric seen as Ariel is my favourite princess haha
5. Favourite Hero

Dash from the Incredibles
6. Favourite Animal
Simba, he is so cute.

7. Favourite Sidekick

8. Favourite Villain

9. Favourite Original Character

To say I am petrified of ducks and birds in general Donald duck is my favourite original character.
10. Favourite Love Song

Tangled - At last I see the light
11. Favourite Song

The wonderful thing about Tiggers is by far my favourite I find myself wandering around the house singing to this.
12. Favourite Villain Song

Poor Unfortunate Souls
13. Least Favourite Song

I am forever skipping The Unbirthday song
14. Favourite Kiss
Belle & Beast
15. The First Movie You Saw

I honestly don't remember but it must be Bug's life or Lion King
16. Favourite Classic

Beauty & the beast
17. Song That Always Gets Stuck in Your Head

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
18. Favourite Pixar Film

Toy Story (1-4 please don't make me pick)
19. Least Favourite Pixar Film

Wall-e, I actually fell asleep watching this in the Cinema.
20. Favourite Sequel

Strangely it has to be Lilo and Stitch 2
21. Overrated Movie

Snow white
22. Underrated Movie

Big hero 6
23. Movie That Makes You Laugh

Hercules always has me laughing in parts thanks to a few characters
24. Movie That Makes You Cry

Toy Story 4 and to be honest it is hard to make me cry with films
25. The Saddest Scene from Your Favourite Movie

When they try taking Stitch back and he starts saying how Lilo is his family and he found them.
26. Saddest Death

Can I class Stitch's near death in Lilo & Stitch 2 as this? It almost had me in tears.
27. Favourite Quote

Ohana means family.
28. Favourite Theme Park

Disney World Orlando
29. Favourite Theme Attraction

Space Mountain in Orlando or Big Thunder Mountain in Paris. 

30. Favourite Theme Park Show
The car stunt show in Disneyland Paris

I honestly didn't think it would take me as long as it did to do this tag but some answers had me seriously stuck. Are any of these your favourites too?

See you soon

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