Not Another Primark Haul... Oops

I have done it once again I have spent too much in Primark but honestly I promise this is the last one for a while as my wardrobe is finally looking just how I want it with a nice mix of colours and clothing style. I would say I am good to go until next year with what I own and I am happy that way. Primark are absolutely killing it at the moment with what they are bringing out and I am really impressed, so here is what I have picked up on my most recent trip...

I am hooked on the PlayStation range that Primark are doing at the moment, they have some great items available. My auntie actually picked this up for me as in her own words 'she likes me in this colour'. I did need a few more sweatshirts and this one is perfect for me. I love the white detailing down each sleeve and bold logo on the front.

Another recent piece from the range I got was the black t-shirt, did I need another black t-shirt definitely not but I really like this, it has the PlayStation brand on it without it being too in your face. Plus the white font looks great. 

Each year I get a new Christmas jumper and I am well prepared this year. My auntie found this brilliant PlayStation one for me and I love it. It is so in your face whilst in my opinion still looking great. Plus it isn't an itchy material like some Christmas jumpers usually are. I am looking forward to representing my favourite console at the moment over the Christmas period.

Next up I got a little treat for my nephew, I got him a few Dumbo bits before he was born so once I saw this I had to add it to his little collection. It is actually pretty good quality too which for the price I was a little surprised about. 

I actually bought something from the women's section, shock horror. As soon as I saw this camel coloured sweatshirt I had to get it. I love the half zip on it and the higher neck. This is bound to keep me warm in the colder months and will also do great for lounging around the house in.

Back into the menswear and it is another sweatshirt I absolutely love this with the tartan checks. I tried this on and it is nice and cosy too without making me too warm. I could have easily bought a lot more sweatshirts too as they are really nice at the moment. I think this will work perfectly under my denim jacket. 

Finally clothing wise I bought a new denim shirt, I had a couple of lighter ones but I wanted to pick up a darker one to go with more of the outfits I am planning for the upcoming months. This is great as it can be worn open for layering or done up for a smarter look. I am looking forward to wearing this.

Finally I finally treated myself to a pair of slippers and I am so glad I did. They are super comfortable and for only £4 they are a bargain. I am always wearing them lately so will definitely be getting more than my monies worth out of them. Plus it is better than wearing my sliders all the time.

Have you picked anything up from Primark recently?

See you soon

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