Finding The Perfect Tracksuit Bottoms

I have been trying to find the perfect pair of tracksuit bottoms for a while now, as some day's I just don't fancy wearing jeans and want to go for a casual look. It is hard lately to find the perfect pair as they either don't fit right or just look cheap & nasty. That is why I was so happy when I recently went to the Junction 32 Outlet in Castleford and found these Nike Jordan ones in the Nike outlet for just £22.00. What a bargain price for a pair of tracksuit bottoms that look so nice. 

They haven't got cuffed bottoms which is something I usually look for but these aren't too baggy on the bottom so I aren't to bothered. As you can see from the image above they work pretty well with my new Nike hi-tops so they should be pretty easy to style. They are a decent length too as they are just a little gathered up above the shoes but to be honest I prefer them this way. But it I wear low trainers this wouldn't be an issue anyway. The fabric is lovely too as it fits spot on but doesn't cling to me like some bottoms have done in the past, they have got plenty of stretch in them too if needed but I highly doubt that. 

The big thing for me is they need to keep me warm. As over the winter months it will be these that I wear to the football rather than my usual jeans. To be honest I think these are definitely going to do the job as they are a pretty thick material but they aren't too thick therefore I think they could easily be an all year round pair.

They are really basic too as the only thing on them is the Jumpman logo that is noticeable but not too in your face. Some pairs I have seen in the shops look like they have been taken too overboard with the design but these are spot on. The next step is heading to Footlocker to see if I can find some Jordan's or Jordan t-shirts & hoodies to go with these I just wish I had some of the UNC colourway trainers to pair with them.

Where do you find the best for Nike Jordan items in the UK?

See you soon 

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