A Rainy Day Meant Reorganising

Sunday was absolutely awful in terms of the weather, in fact it was that bad the football was called off which meant that we were left with no plans. There was no way we were going out and getting wet through so we had a day in the house which gave us the perfect chance to catch up on jobs that we had been putting off or just generally hadn't had chance to do. So the washing machine and dryer were working over time whilst I got to tackle the kitchen. I wanted to reorganise it to make sure that on a morning time wasn't being wasted looking for different items and we could easily access things we needed. There is no more rummaging through all the cupboards and finding stuff all over the place.

First up was the snack cupboard, this is where we keep all our breakfast bars, chocolate and just any goodies really. So I picked up these baskets from Tesco and now we have our own baskets for our own snacks. No more 'you've eaten my biscuits' or 'where are my pots of custard' they are separated so we know just what we have and where. It will also help us when we go on the food shop too as we can just take a look and see what we are running low on. The middle basket though is just for random little bits that we share, and please ignore the biscuits that are open Liam drives me mad with this but luckily I don't eat them so I don't have to worry about soggy biscuits. 

On the second shelf we just have random water bottles and a Mr Freeze slush maker as we have nowhere else for these. We also have our little baskets of porridge oats tucked away nicely, again we can keep a check on this and will know when it needs restocking plus we don't have the big cardboard box in the way. 

I also sorted out our alcohol cabinent. There were bottles basically empty or not on the right shelf after my party last month which drives me mad. So now we have all the whisky on the top shelf along with our personalised Bradford City glasses and coasters, gin is on the second shelf and the bottom is just random bottles we have accumilated. Looking at all this though and with Christmas coming up I think we need to start drinking because come Christmas no doubt this will be overflowing. I do love this cabinet though it could easily be one of my favourite items in the house.

We even created a little coffee station whilst moving things around. It is going to be so much easier having everything in one spot, there was even space for me to put a few of my new little Ikea mugs on the side. One of the cupboards now also holds any extras such as tea, coffee, sugar and even hot chocolate so it is all over in this corner. No more running from one side of the kitchen to the other for a coffee pod or a tea bag. 

Where the coffee station used to be now holds all our cereal, nicely tucked away in the corner. Simply grab a bowl pick and cereal and you are good to go. This has also freed up a lot of space for us to prepare our food and put items whilst we are cooking, no more wasted space over here.

We had a drawer that was just filled with plastic plates and party wear so all that has now been relocated and this drawer has become one of my favourites. Now we are going to the gym more I wanted somewhere that we can easily access the things we take with us, so we could just grab them and head out of the door. So that is why we now have a drawer full of Monster and protein bars. It is all in one handy space and right by the door. We have put some of the nephews food in here too as we didn't really have anywhere else for it. I just need to get some more Grenade bars now. The best part about this though is the fact that no Monster boxes are left empty in the cupboard, we now know when we are running out.

The final bit of reorganising we did was after moving all the coffee items to the other side of the room we now have a supplements cupboard which I am hoping to get fully stocked and organised properly soon, I am tempted to get some containers to store the powders so the look a bit neater but for now this will do. The top shelf is for Liam's items and the bottom is mine. So currently Liam's has his Banoffee protein powder where as mine has my chocolate protein powder, my BCAA's and my spare shaker. I do have a MyProtein order to place very soon though so this cupboard should be filling up.

So there you have it a rainy day turned into a pretty productive one so now we have a nice organised kitchen. I will be doing more posts very soon about the gym related items (hopefully a haul and a bit about using each item) so if there is anything specific you would like to see please let me know.

See you soon

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