A New(ish) Brand To Try... Rivici

I honestly never thought that I would find a new clothing brand due to Bradford City signing a new player. Back in the summer we signed Ben Richards-Everton and like I do with 90% of the players we sign I headed over and gave him a follow on Instagram. This is how I found out about his clothing line Rivici. Then on his birthday he posted that the brand would be available in Footasylum, so on my recent trip to Leeds, I headed in store and picked up a t-shirt although I found there were quite a few more items I wanted but unfortunately the XL's seemed to have sold out on most things. As soon as I got home I headed on to their website to see what else I could find and let me tell you the website really didn't disappoint there was much more than I expected and here is what I am now wanting to pick up...

Photo's courtesy of Rivici.

Haworth Joggers -£44.99 

Remember when I posted about the perfect joggers, well I think I have found some more now. I am absolutely loving these ones as I love the white stripes down either side. Then the name just in the middle of these white stripes on either side. They do look a little skinny around the bottom though.

Photo's courtesy of Rivici.

Morey tracksuit joggers £44.99

Now I think these Morey ones could be the ones I end up picking up first, I love the detailing on the leg and the pocket with the name on. They don't look as skinny either so hopefully they would provide me with the perfect fit. They are cuffed bottoms too which instantly makes them better in my opinion.

Photo's courtesy of Rivici.

Morey tracksuit hoodie £49.99

A little bit pricier than hoodies I usually buy but this definitely looks worth it, plus it will go perfectly with the tracksuit bottoms above. They had a hoodie in Footasylum but unfortunately had none in my size but if this one is as good a quality of the one in store I will be in for a treat.

Photo's courtesy of Rivici.

Keron sweatshirt £44.99

I actually tried this one on but unfortunately it didn't fit so I am now on the look out for this in an XL. The item I picked up is actually the t-shirt in the same style and I love it so fingers crossed I can find this. When trying this on you could tell it was going to keep me warm and also last a while, so this will be a definite pick up.

Photo's courtesy of Rivici.

Haworth t-shirt £29.99

Another t-shirt that would go nicely with some tracksuit bottoms (especially the ones I mentioned at the beginning of this post). I love how this t-shirt just stands out with the name across the chest with a bit of a gingham pattern behind it. This looked great in the shop but once again they didn't have my size.
Photo's courtesy of Rivici.

Rinsley oversized t-shirt £29.99

Another t-shirt I really like on the site is the Rinsley oversized one. I don't often even entertain oversized t-shirt but for some reason this one is really standing out to me, I think it may be down to it being so simple. With just the name across the chest and little branding in the bottom corner. It is just so simple but stands out to me. 
Photo's courtesy of Rivici.

Millburn biker jeans £49.99

Finally these jeans are an item I would love but honestly I just don't know if they would fit me, especially not until I lose weight. I love the zip details on the front, as they are different to any other jeans I have ever owned. Ripped jeans seem to be a go to for me at the moment so these are ticking all the boxes. The only problem is with them being skinny I really don't know how they would fit.

Honestly I could have picked every item off the site for this wish list but these are my top picks at the moment. Keep an eye out on here as I will have a styling post up very soon for the t-shirt I have already picked up. Will you be trying out anything from the range? I really do recommend checking them out at rivici.com

See you soon

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