October 2019 Goals

Another month has flown by, but at least now we are a little closer to Christmas. But at least now it is October it is an excuse for cosy nights in wrapped up in my dressing gown and countless blankets watching films or sports. It also unfortunately means the NWSL season is coming to an end. But with it being the start of a new month it is time to sit and reflect on my goals of September and this is how those went...

Get in the garden & train - Well this didn't happen once again, mainly because whenever I actually had a chance to go outside it was raining or the garden had become a bit overgrown. 

Do the boot & equipment review - Again another no go as I couldn't test the boots out. However, I have finally uploaded the pictures to my PC for one piece of training equipment so there will be a review on that soon.

Go to the gym 3 times a week & do dedicated days - I was doing so well but unfortunately spent the last week of the month ill so didn't get to the gym. In terms of the dedicated days these didn't happen either but I am trying to work out some training plans for this month.

Lose the half a stone gained in August - I was so close to this one as I lost 5.8 lbs so just 1.2 lbs away from half a stone. I aren't even mad at this though as I lost those 5.8 in just the last 2 weeks of the month.

Do 3 fashion blog posts - I got one fashion wish list done but watch this space maybe some posts are coming very soon. 

Get clothing items made for football side - I have been to the White Rose quite a few times and walked straight past the stand where I am wanting to get the hoodie made, but now I have got my new logo sorted out and I have got a tiny bit of spare money I may have to go get this made.

Keep posting as much as I have been doing - Unfortunately I let this slip a bit throughout September due to being busy or being ill but I am hoping to pick back up again soon.

Reach some of those social media goals - I hit my Twitter target for the month and I couldn't be happier, I even hit my pageview target. Unfortunately though I didn't quite hit my Instagram target.

So that was a little breakdown of my goals for September, but onto October what am I hoping to achieve? For me things slow down this time of year as there aren't as many special occasions coming up, which means I can throw myself into achieving these goals...

Well seen as the weather has changed and my chances to get outside and train are reducing this month will be all about watching games. I am hoping to get to some Bradford City Women's games as I am really enjoying them but I also want to try get to some Brighouse games, as I haven't been to any yet thanks to being unwell. 

Health & Fitness
I am determined to get below the 16 stone mark, if it goes the way September did then I can do this. I am just 5lb's away from 16 stone so fingers crossed I can lose 6lb to take me under that mark. Alongside this I want to get back to going to the gym 3 times a week as this is definitely helping me out a lot. I also want to try and work on my diet a lot more and think more cautiously about what I eat as I may have the exercise part worked out but I still have a long way to go food wise.

I want to get at least 5 fashion posts up on the blog this month which is definitely realistic for me. I also want to try step out of my comfort zone and be more confident in the outfits I put together. I want to try get 2 trainer (sneaker) posts up on the blog too as I really enjoy writing about them when I get the chance. 

Blog/Social Media
I reached my Twitter goal for the month last month so I have upped that once again. I am also hoping to work on my Instagram a bit more as I have recently started updating it more and am hoping to grow on there. Other than that I just want to upload on the blog more often, I always aim for 5 times a week but want at least 4 new posts up a week which will be a much better variety of posts, if you want to see any specific on please let me know via email (lucyjade94@gmail.com) on Twitter or in the comments below.

So there you go those are the goals I am hoping to achieve throughout the month what are you hoping to achieve?

See you soon

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