ShopDisney Are Taking All My Money

I have had a few trips to Shop Disney lately as some of the items they are bringing out are absolutely brilliant. In fact I could easily buy over half the shop if money allowed it. Some of the best releases lately have been their Toy Story items, Descendants range and of course the Nightmare before Christmas range. It is safe to say I could have picked up a lot more items than I did but who knows I may need to have a trip back soon or just wait until Christmas. So here is what I got...

I had plenty of birthday money left over somehow and as soon as I saw the Pizza Planet onesie (in the image about) I knew this would be the item I finally spent some of the money on. Unfortunately though the Blackpool store didn't have my size out on show but my mum found someone to ask and they had 1 left in the back. I am so glad they did too as this is super comfortable and is definitely going to be lasting me a while. I just wish I also got the Pizza Planet hoodie but I probably wouldn't wear that as much as I will wear this onesie. The cold nights are going to be brilliant wearing this whilst snuggled up watching Disney films or blogging which I am trying to get into a routine of having set nights to do this.

Next up are possibly my favourite items, Brummymummy put on Instagram recently about being excited for the new Descendants film, she isn't the first one I have heard mention it either so I thought I would finally cave and watch it. Friday night I ended up watching both Descendants 1&2 and wow they are brilliant I am hooked. I just need to watch 3 now when I finally get the chance. But thanks to me now being hooked on the film and the soundtrack I thought I would treat myself to a few bits from the range in ShopDisney. I saw this bag been unboxed on YouTube and fell straight in love with it so I knew if they had it in store I was going to pick up. It looks great and in my opinion doesn't look too childish, I especially love the character logo's on it. Next up I picked up a new tumbler with straw, the Disney ones are great quality I have found over the years and I love how this has the main characters on it, these tumblers are really handy for at the side of the bed on a night or just for me to have by my side during the day as I seem to make a drink last a while these days. I also picked up a new notebook that is made to look like Mal's spell book and WOW it is brilliant the cover just looks so good and the edges are gold, this is the one item I knew I really wanted but they didn't have it on the shelves, luckily they found some in the back. Finally I got the Descendants blanket, it hasn't disappointed either as it is really soft and is actually the right length. Some Disney blankets you can tell are more suited to kids but this one is spot on for me. I can't wait to get snuggled up in and watch Descendants 3, I have only heard good things about it.

If you have a local store I would definitely recommend heading down to see what they have instore but if not definitely check out ShopDisney online. I know I will be heading over to their website to see what they have different to instore to add to my Christmas list. 

See you soon,

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