Why I Am Considering Going To The Gym Again

I have mentioned on here a fair few times now that I am really struggling at the moment with my fitness and weight loss journey. I just seem to have hit a road block and all that progress I made in 2020 has become undone and it is really starting to get me down. I have gone from working out daily to working out once a week and I think that is a mix of being back at work & home workouts just not cutting it for me anymore. 

I absolutely loved doing home workouts up until probably the middle of this year but for some reason I just aren't finding them as fun anymore. Granted there are a few dance once I am enjoying but the weights are getting boring and I just aren't as motivated as I used to be due to this. I could very easily still be working out 5 times a day but due to it not being fun I aren't doing and I am starting to gain weight once again. 

That is why I have been really considering signing up to a gym once again and am seriously thinking of aiming for 4 to 5 trips a week if I did sign up. It would be nice to get out of the house and away from the PC for an hour or so 4 times a week to make progress towards my goal and also give my mind a bit of a break. I think if I signed up for the gym I would definitely start to see a lot more progress on my journey as I could do different types of workouts with the different equipment available plus I could also finally get back on the treadmill which would help my knee, plus I will be honest I have missed the treadmill the most since leaving our previous gym. 

The best thing is that there are plenty of good gyms around us that are actually quite cheap so we have options of where we could sign up to and they all have good opening hours so if I wanted to I could go to the gym before or after work, whichever I had the most time for that particular day. It would be great if I could convince Liam to come with me too as he has been saying he wants to get healthier too and it would be nice to do something together for a change even if it is working out and not drinking or shopping for a change. 

I really want to get back on track as soon as possible before I completely ruin all the progress I made in the past year, I worked to hard to ruin it and I think the sooner I get back on track the more chance I have of staying on it this time around. I think heading to the gym could really benefit what I am trying to do and I think that once Christmas is out of the way I will be seriously looking to see which local gym is the best for me and eventually signing up to one. For now though I will stick to those home workouts and hopefully find a bit of motivation again before signing up to the perfect gym for me and possibly Liam.

Do you prefer gym workouts or home workouts? 

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