The Sneakers In Rotation For Winter

Ah winter, the time of year where thanks to the weather up here in Yorkshire I spend more time sliding around than anything else. Maybe one year I might end up properly investing in some footwear that isn't going to stop me slipping on frost and ice but for now I am just happy wearing my sneakers and getting wear out of the footwear I already own. It is no secret most of my footwear comes in vibrant colourways so when it comes to winter I do like to start to tone it down a bit with the colourways of what I wear to suit my clothing a little bit more. I tend to go for darker colours to match the darker weather outdoors and also the clothing I wear a lot more often as I tend to opt for darker clothing in the winter months. In previous years I seem to have stuck to specific footwear all throughout the season however, this year I am determined to rotate through my sneaker collection that little bit more so that I m getting wear out of sneakers that can often become quite neglected. So here is what my sneaker rotation is going to look like for this winter...

I am absolutely loving my classic Converse in the black and white colourway and it is safe to say I am finding them very comfortable too. I have found since owning these that they actually have better grip than some of my other footwear so I think these might become one of my most worn pairs especially as the weather really starts to change. I am just worried about ruining them far too easily as they are a canvas material however, I think I am at the stage now where they might actually look quite nice a little beat up rather than looking box fresh, plus I can always treat myself to some new ones too it I really need to. 

These Air Force have been worn almost daily since I got them in 2020 and they are really starting to show as they are so beat up now. I think this winter might be the last chance to wear these before treating myself to a new pair but honestly I don't mind as they are such a staple piece in my wardrobe these days. I will be continuing to wear these in winter as no matter what time of year it is you just can't beat a nice outfit with a pair of white sneakers and these tick all the boxes for me, comfort, style and practicality. 

Now these sneakers are going to be saved for those dry winter days as rare as those are lately but that is because I don't want to ruin them with them only being a knitted upper. These are the only darker colourway sneakers I have at the moment so I think I need to change that soon however, for the time being I am hoping to get a fair bit of wear out of these NMD's. These are definitely one of my most neglected pairs lately and I really want to change that. 

These Jordan's are mid's and leather upper rather than canvas so they are perfect for the cold wet weather. These are a bit tight and still need breaking in properly however, I don't mind the pain these cause though as daft as it sounds because they help create some great outfits. I love the white and black on these sneakers and I am really hoping I can make them comfortable throughout this winter so I can get even more wear out of them. 

Another pair I want to wear a whole lot more are these Nike Blazers which I seem to have owned forever. I don't mind wearing these for the winter as I have found that a bit of Crep Protect will keep these in a pretty good condition and seen as they are almost 10 years old they are still going strong. I really like these as they give me a nice high top option to wear that has a bit of colour to it. These go really well with a lot of my wardrobe too and are still really comfortable. 

So there you have it those are the sneakers I am really hoping to get of wear out over the next few months as I am really wanting to start changing up what I wear instead of sticking to the same pair all the time. Let's hope that I can stop slipping and sliding so much this year too and that this footwear doesn't get too ruined in the bad weather. 

What is in your winter sneaker rotation? 

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