November 2021 New In

Remember when I said I was hoping not to spend a lot of money this month as I had bits to buy for the games room... well it is safe to say that the total opposite has happened really and due to how long this post already is I haven't even included the bits we got for redoing the games room during the month. I have definitely made the most of the month and have treated myself to a fair bit however, at the same time I have also managed to get bits for the games room sorted and ticked off most of my Christmas shopping which is always a bonus. So here is what I picked up during November... 

I went to Home Bargains with my sister and she spotted some tall Disney mugs for £2.49 so I treated her to one for Christmas, to be honest I wasn't going to get myself one as I already have far too many mugs however, as soon as I saw the Ursula one I knew I had to purchase it. I am kind of wishing I got myself the Malificent one too now though. 

Would a month really have passed by if I didn't pick up yet another Spider-Man graphic novel? This time I added the Miles Morales Spider Verse one into the collection. It is safe to say that once those shelves go up in the games room the Spider-Man one is already going to be almost full with the amount I have been buying lately. I think on next months new in I should be looking at some book ends to hold all these up. 

I am really trying to get back into reading more, although it isn't going too well at the moment but Liam encouraged me to pick up a few new books to try help me ease back into it. I have had my eye on 'One of us is lying' for a while now and get tempted every time I go into Waterstones with Liam so I finally gave in and purchased it. 

With the other book being on buy one get one half price I thought I would make the most of the offer and I ended up having a really good look around before finally settling on a second book to purchase. There were a few that I wanted to pick up but in the end I settled on Afterlove, this seems like a book I could easily enjoy. 

Oh look more Spider-Man and in particular more Spider-Man Funko's. I fell in love with Miles Morales when playing the PS5 games so I have slowly been adding to my Funko collection with the GamerVerse Funko's. I had been struggling to find this one so I am glad I finally have it. 

When I was getting the programmable matter Funko I also spotted the purple one which I had been struggling to find so I purchased that one at long last too. I actually really like this one and I think it could very easily be the main focus of the shelf. 

This game has been absolutely slated by reviewers but for some reason I have still wanted to try it for myself. I refused to pay full price for it though after some of the comments I had seen in regards to the game and luckily enough when I took the nephew to Smyths Toys the game had been reduced down to just £10. For £10 it is definitely worth a try because who knows I might end up liking it, I am definitely going into this one open minded. 

It is very rare that I buy a Nintendo Switch game these days as it is something I neglect far too often, however, with a trip coming up soon I wanted to get a game I could play on the journey and whilst I am there. I haven't had a Mario game for a very long time so I ended up picking up Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury. I am really trying to not play this until I go on my trip but I can't wait to get started on it. 

I got my Switch Lite in March this year but I kept putting off buying a case for it. So with the trip coming up I wanted to get a case so I could leave Liams with him and some games for him to play whilst I aren't at home. This Stealth one was just £3.99 so it is cheap enough for me to just use for a while until I finally find a character one I want (I think it will end up being a Pokemon one). Now I just need to sort through my games and Liam's so I am only putting here what I am actually likely to play. 

Technically I didn't buy this item, Liam did but I guess it is still a new in item. He got us both a mystery box from Secret Shirt Co. I was always quite skeptical about these shirt boxes as you don't know what you are getting and if it is genuine or not but this one has me sold. I absolutely love the shirt I received and I think I might end up ordering more in the future. 

I didn't actually plan on getting many football shirts this month but I have wanted a Fiorentina shirt for the longest time but just haven't been able to find one at a reasonable price for me to justify buying one. Classic Football Shirts came through yet again for me though and I picked up the 2020/21 home shirt for just £24.99. I can't wait to get wearing this. 

It has been a while since I restocked our protein bar draw and to be honest it has just been out of laziness, I just haven't been bothered to go out and pick up what I have needed. I finally found the Battle Bites I have been looking for though so there was no way I was leaving them. I am really looking forward to trying the glazed donut one and I am sure these will soon be filling the cupboard. 

I had some money left on a BoohooMan gift card I won last year and it was running out so I decided to treat myself to some new workout clothing in a smaller size which was definitely needed. The T-shirts I own at the moment are all a little big on me now and I don't have much colour variety so I opted for this nice navy blue one for a change. 

I am also quite short on tracksuit bottoms at the moment too, I only have two pairs for working out in and with the weather changing at the moment I wanted to get an extra pair for now just to cover if my other pairs are in the wash. These are a bit thinner than I expected but will be perfect for those cooler days and especially for those long walks I am hoping to do. 

I seem to have a thing for 1/4 zip tops at the moment for working out in. So as soon as I saw they had a navy blue one like the t-shirt I had picked I knew I had to add the 1/4 zip to my basket too. This is surprisingly thick and has got a little bit of a fleeced lining inside so it is perfect for the winter months.Plus it has those holes in the sleeves for your thumb so it is a definite winning purchase for me. 

I actually don't have many pairs of shorts at the moment either and I don't know where all mine have gone so I treated myself to a shorter pair than I would usually go for. Granted these will probably be worn in the house for home workouts or on the bike but they do feel like they are really good quality. 

Oh look another 1/4 zip top, I told you I had a bit of a thing for them at the moment. I picked this one up as it is a bit more of a normal colour with it being black and grey so it is going to go with most of my other workout clothing I already own. Again this is thicker than the ones I already own so if perfect for the winter months. 

Finally from BoohooMan I ended up just getting yet another grey workout t-shirt which actually has reflective patches on it. This one will be great for cooler walks or even for boxing as it is a nice lightweight material and is nice and stretchy. I think this might be the first item from the mini haul that I wear. 

When looking through my wardrobe I noticed that I am seriously lacking in black jeans for the winter months so I decided to do something about it. I picked up this black acid wash girlfriend fit pair from Siansburys as I have found them to have the best fitting jeans for me lately. I already have so many outfits in mind for with these jeans and I can't wait to get wearing them. 

On a trip to Primark with Liam I came across these thicker long sleeved plain black t-shirts for just £4.50 so I ended up getting a couple just to have in my wardrobe, these are just a warmer alternative to a standard t-shirt and will be great for wearing under hoodies or even my checked shirts. 

I was hoping to hold off until Christmas for some new white Nike socks however, I just couldn't cope with how bad my current pairs were getting so I picked up 6 pairs of fresh white ones, no doubt these will only last me until Christmas with the way I go through them but at least they look better than what I have been wearing lately. 

I have said it before and I will say it again, I absolutely love the Chicago Bulls clothing at Primark lately and I think I am getting close to owning all the pieces they do in the men's department. I already had the white t-shirt they did so when I saw these black and red ones I wasn't leaving them behind as they are a really good quality. I can't wait to get wearing these with my cargo pants and a nice jacket as they look so good. 

This WNBA hoodie is another treat from Liam and I absolutely love it as the Nike hoodie is really thick and great quality whilst finally being a piece of WNBA merchandise I can own here in the UK at a reasonable price. I wouldn't normally opt for a bright orange hoodie however, as I am trying to build up a bit more confidence in trying new coloured clothing this is the perfect starting point in my eyes. 

I am absolutely sick of my sneakers creasing after just a few wears so with a special new pair being purchased I picked up a set of Crep Shields so that when I do wear these sneakers I don't ruin them as they cost far too much for that to happen. For £10 I am really hoping these work and protect my sneakers from those awful creases. 

Finally we have saved the best purchase until last. I finally have a pair of Jordan 1's. I feel like I have waited so long to say that but I think I have started the collection with the perfect pair as they are just so different to the sneakers I usually buy due to them being pastel colours. I absolutely love these but at the same time due to the cost and how hard they were to find I am scared of ruining them so soon after getting them. 

So there you have it that is everything that I purchased in November, yes I definitely went overboard but with it being Christmas next month surely Decembers new in post wont be as big but then again I guess I said the same about this one too. 

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