My Perfect Winter Evening

I absolutely love autumn evenings but honestly I think winter evenings may just top them as with the weather dropping even colder it is the perfect time to spend every evening at home snuggled up and having cosy nights in. Winter is when I spend the most time at home on an evening as I really don't want to go out unless I really have to, I think that the only thing I really go out for during this time of the year is either the football or if I am doing something with my family which is always bound to be fun. With me spending most of my time indoors at this time of the year I have managed to come up with what I would like to consider my perfect winter evening and it is actually something I do 90% of my winter evenings but as you will see I tend to mix it up just a little bit from evening to evening so I don't get bored. So here is what my perfect winter evening looks like... 

With me working Monday to Friday I am getting home when it is already dark which I really don't like but the first thing I do when I get home is get changed, once I am home I want to be comfortable so I get out of my work clothes and straight into my pyjamas and most nights I will throw a onesie on too just for a bit of extra warmth, plus I have that many different onesies I need to start getting my wear out of them. 

Once I am changed it is then time to make a drink, most of the time during winter I opt for a hot chocolate however, some nights if it has been a particularly stressful day I will end up opting for a nice glass of wine just to have something a little stronger to relax with. Once the drink is made it is then time to decide what I want to do for the evening, I will either be watching a film or TV series downstairs or be up in the games room playing games for hours on end. 

If I am down in the living room I will normally be under a blanket with the TV on watching a film or TV series whilst working away on some blog posts. I really enjoy these nights and actually find them quite productive evenings compared to summer ones as I really don't want to move from under the warmth of the blanket I am wrapped up in. I get loads done on winter evenings and I feel so good for it. I always make sure I have a candle lit too and just the soft side lights on the living room wall lit as this just makes the room feel a whole lot cosier. 

If I aren't sat downstairs though I will be upstairs in the games room gaming away for hours on end. We have made the games room even cosier this year by decorating it so I just know a whole lot more time will be spent in here this winter. With plenty of consoles and a comfy sofa bed there is enough to entertain me for hours and I can very easily lose track of time in here. Just like with when I am downstairs I will make sure that I am wrapped up in a comfortable blanket for a bit of extra warmth or sometimes I will also get under the duvet we have in the games room if I want to be really warm. I make sure I have all our RGB lights on and our gaming themed lights we own as they produce just the right amount of light for creating a cosy atmosphere in the room. I will also make sure our Baby Yoda wax burner is on too as the Star Wars melts we have for that are absolutely gorgeous. I could very easily spend all day everyday in the room when it is like this as it is just such a nice setting to be in. 

This year I think with us just having the games room redone most of my winter evenings are going to be spent in that room gaming away as it is a really cosy room to be in now. But who knows I might spend a fair bit of time in the living room especially if the Christmas decorations are up, I guess only time will tell what is going to fill up my time this winter. 

What does your perfect winter evening look like? 

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