I Guess A Lot Can Change In A Year

I don't know about you but I have to say I have found 2021 to be a bit of a strange year. We started the year in yet another lockdown and the uncertainty of the pandemic has followed us around the whole year. It hasn't stopped me making the most out of the year though and to be honest I have found it to be one of the best years in a long time. There has been plenty going on and I have had plenty of time to spend with my nephew too which is one of my favourite ways to spend my time. 

My fitness journey hasn't been on track throughout the year but I aren't letting that get me down like I would have in the past. I know where I went wrong and I am now more determined than ever to smash my goals in 2022. It is funny isn't it how things changed because if I fell off track a year ago I would have just given in. 

I even tried to change my style a bit more in 2021 however, after trying for numerous months I realised I was changing it for no reason and I actually preferred the style I had gone for previously and I have reverted back to that, it was nice to experiment with my style a bit but I am now more than happy with the direction I am taking my wardrobe in and I feel more comfortable and confident with this style than ever before which is fantastic as I really can't wait to start building my perfect wardrobe throughout 2022 as I start to need to size down in my clothing. 

I also learnt this year there is no point spending a fortune on clothing that wont fit me a few months down the line, I think this helped my mindset in a lot of ways in my life too as I feel I have been much better with my money in 2021, this has definitely changed from previous years as I used to spend for the sake of it where as now I actually think about the purchases I make and try not to rush into them. I am really hoping to work on this even more in 2022 though and save a lot more money as I know I could save a lot more than I did this year and there are some things I really want to save for. I am setting myself a little bit of a savings challenge for 2022 and I am hoping the changes with my mindset in 2021 are going to really help me achieve this target. 

Another big change this year has been my confidence I am getting in front of the camera a whole lot more for the blog and I never thought I would be doing that, I even went on the radio to talk about football which was definitely a big step out of my comfort zone, I very nearly talked myself out of it but I pushed myself and it actually went well, I m determined to use these changes in my confidence to really grow in 2022. 

Who would of thought I would join a group exercise class to, with my low confidence and self esteem I have avoided this for so long but in May I started a boxing class once a week and I absolutely love it, I push myself to the limit each week and feel so good for it. I even played football a few times with people I had never met before which previously I would never have even entertained. I am really hoping to get to a whole lot more boxing and football over the course of 2022 as I am really enjoying it and think it will benefit me a lot. 

I ended up getting a new car towards the end of 2021 too thanks to the help from my parents and it is like a weight has been lifted. My old car kept dying and to be honest driving hurt my bad leg a lot so I relied on other people getting me places. I have opted for an automatic this time around and I really think it is going to give me a bit more independence and get me out and about a lot more. I have only had it for a month but I have already told Liam it is making me enjoy driving a whole lot more. 

2021 has been full of person changes and I have loved it, I think it has brought changes that I am going to carry with me for years to come in a very good way and I think those changes are going to help make 2022 a very good year and I really can't wait to see what it holds for me. Let's hope it is even bigger and better than 2021 as we have a fair bit planned already.

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