What I Got For Christmas 2021

I remember when I was 18 and my family told me that is when Christmas stopped, funnily enough since then they just seem to spoil me more and more each year. This year I have definitely been spoilt from everyone and each gift I received is going to come in very handy and some items are definitely treats. There are even a few items for me to share with my nephew which is perfect. I love writing this post every year and a few people have asked me to keep on doing it so here is what I got for Christmas (as I say every year this is not me bragging or showing off it is just for those who wanted to read it and for me to look back on in the future)...

It is no secret that I absolutely love the NBA x Primark range so when my grandparents asked what I wanted for Christmas of course the first thing I asked for was a hoodie from the collection. No one else was sure on the colour of this but I love it as it is different to colours I would usually wear. I think it is safe to say I am really looking forward to styling this. 

Is it really Christmas if you don't receive socks? I usually get far too many pair but this year I just got a few pairs, I love these Mario Kart ones from my auntie & uncle as Mario Kart has been constantly mentioned this year thanks to my nephew. They also got me these cosy Simba socks which are going to come in extremely handy for the cold football matches and walks we start to go on as they are thicker than other pairs I own. 

A few new beanies have been added to my ever growing collection and these are two perfect additions. My parents got me this Bradford City one which will be worn on those cold game days for both the men's and women's games we go to. My auntie and uncle got me this Primark x NBA Bulls hat to go with the rest of the items from the collection that I own and I absolutely love it. I think these are going to be my two most worn hats in 2022. 

My parents got me these brilliant short PlayStation pyjamas which are going to be perfect for lounging around in on those long gaming sessions in our new games room. These feel really comfortable and I definitely prefer short pyjamas to long pyjamas these days and with my other pairs getting too big these are the perfect addition. 

I definitely didn't need another dressing gown but I am in love with this one already. This is a thinner material where as my others are thick fleecy material so this will be perfect for those cooler nights in the spring/summer. Plus you really can't beat baby Yoda. 

If you know me you will know just how much I love Stitch and I get Stitch themed gifts on most occasions. My auntie and uncle got me this really cute canvas which will probably be hung in the hallway. My parents got me this plastic cup, bowl and plate which matched the ones they got for my nephew. These are definitely going to come in handy for any picnics or camping trips we go on. 

Liam absolutely smashed it with this Gizmo tiki mug, it is absolutely fantastic but I don't want to ruin it so I think rather than use it for drinking I will be using it as a display item either in the games room or the spare room which is becoming my office. 

It isn't Christmas without toiletries is it and thanks to me already having shelves full I didn't actually get much this year. My grandparents got me 3 bath bombs to add to my collection, my sister got me a foot pack & a hand pack too which I can't wait to try. My auntie and uncle got me this sponge which is meant to help with tired looking skin and my parents got me my favourite Lynx set which came with sneaker freshners to keep them smelling fresh which a few pairs of my most worn sneakers are going to benefit from.

I am trying to grow my hair out (for now no doubt I will change my mind) so my parents got me a few items to help with the process. They got me plenty of the Hair Burst multi vitamins and the shampoo & conditioner which I already love. They also got me this got2b set with all my favourite hair products in which will no doubt be gone very soon as they are items I love to use. 

My parents also got me some more of my favourite Johnny's Chop Shop Products, these are products I have used for years now and I absolutely love them so I can't wait to get using these as my other are running low. 

I am still on my fitness journey and it is going to be a bit focus for 2022 and I got a few fun items this Christmas to help me along with my journey. My auntie and uncle got me this 1000ml water bottle and gym towel which is going to really help me with increasing my water intake. My parents also got me these exercise dice which could end up being really fun and challenging if I can get Liam on board with a bit of a 10 minute daily challenge just to get us both moving a little more. 

My parents also got me a few random items such as these tabletop games which are going to come in handy in the spare room/office which are going to keep me entertained when I am sat procrastinating or when something is taking a while to download/load. They also got me this Chicago Bulls make up bag although it won't be used as that. I am sick of losing memory cards and tech accessories so those now have a nice new home where they won't go missing. My grandparents also got me a hard case for storing my memory cards in too so I definitely shouldn't be losing these any more and they should always be protected. 

My grandparents added another charm to my Pandora bracelet with a gorgeous Granddaughter charm which matches the daughter one I already had. They also got me this gorgeous smelling reed diffuser which is going straight into the spare room as I know I will be spending a lot of time in there. My auntie and uncle got me and Liam matching Pooh Bear coasters and these Looney Tunes microfibre cloths which always come in very handy. 

My mum got me, my dad and my sister these brilliant coffee machines which are definitely going to be very handy for each of us. They are for making coffee to go which will be good for football games however, I will be setting the machine up in the spare room so I can make a cup of coffee for whilst I am blogging and then just turn around and make another. I think it is going to look great in the spare room too once it is redone. 

Liam knows just how much I love sneakers and he has smashed it with this gift as it is a Lego Sneaker. I haven't built anything from Lego since about 2013 so I am really looking forward to sitting down and building this one, no doubt it will be stressful but it will all be worth it in the end. 

I got a few stationary bits this year too, my auntie & uncle got me a Stitch & an Alien pen which will come in very handy as I am forever losing pens and these are going to be easy to spot. My sister & nephew got me this Peaky Blinders notebook & pen set which looks amazing and you can never have too many notebooks as I have realised over the past few years. 

I am determined to get back reading in 2022 and I have 4 new books to start me off, these books are all about topics I love so they should be really enjoyable to sit and read. My auntie and uncle got me this official England football history book which features both the men & women's history so it should be great. My grandparents got me a Manchester United book I have had my eye on for a while, a pirates book I have wanted for a long time and also a book about Grey's Anatomy which I am really looking forward to reading as I have really loved watching the show so far. 

I asked my sister for some baking items as that is something I really want to start to do in the new year so her and my nephew did this mixing bowl filled with everything I need to get baking and I really can't wait to start. My parents got me a hand mixer which should make baking a bit easier for me too. My auntie and uncle got me this Stitch recipe book that I can't wait to fill.

I got a fair bit of alcohol this Christmas too which I can't wait to get stuck into. My sister got me and Liam a 19 crimes set which I love the mugs that come with the set. My sister also got me a Captain Morgan's set which isn't going to last long at all as it is one of my favourites. My parents got me a Frexinet set which again won't last me long either as that is one of my favourite drinks at the moment. My auntie and uncle got me another bottle of the rum infused beer which is going to go down a treat. Finally in terms of alcohol Liam's family got me a bottle of the Aviation gin that I have wanted for such a long time. 

I absolutely love nutella so I really can't wait to try this sundae kit out. I also can't wait to try this s'mores kit as again it involve nutella and you can't beat a good s'more. I also got a pack of Reeses pieces which probably won't make it to the new year and it is the same with the bar of the winter wonderland chocolate. I also got my favourite chocolates, the Guylian ones that I get every year. 

I am trying my best to change my diet health wise and one thing I am going to be doing is eating free from foods for a while to see if it benefits me at all. I got a few free from bits including this selection box and some truffles which I can't wait to eat. 

Spider-Man was a big theme for this years gifts as you will see and I absolutely love it. Liam got me this Miles Morales gift set which includes a mug, notebook, coaster and keychain. My parents got me another graphic novel to add to my collection and another figure for on the Spider-Man shelf.

My auntie and uncle got me a paint your own Spider-Man money box which I am actually really looking forward to sitting down and doing very soon. My parents got me this Marvel plaster mould & paint kit which I think me and my nephew are going to really enjoy doing this. 

My auntie and uncle got me a few Spider-Man games too one is for me to play with me nephew and the other is definitely going to be living in the spare room/office and will provide hours of entertainment. My nephew loves Kerplunk and I think we are going to really enjoy playing this together. The pinball is definitely going to be a great addition to the spare room and I think I am going to spend ages try to up my high score. 

My parents got Liam a PlayStation blanket last year and I kept stealing it so my parents got me my own Pokemon one so he can finally have his back. This one is really soft and I can't wait to get snuggled up in it for long gaming sessions. Plus it is Pikachu so it is instantly better than Liam's. 

It is very rare my parents get me a game for a Christmas or birthday present so I was very pleased to unwrap FIFA 22 for the Switch on Christmas day. I absolutely love FIFA so to now be able to play the latest version on the go I really can't wait. Liam got me the Guardian's of the Galaxy game that I have wanted since release day but he got me the deluxe edition of the game which comes with an art book and steel case. I can't wait to get this game as I have waited for ages to finally get my hands on this. 

Liam has absolutely smashed it this year with the gifts and these PC set up upgrades are ones I have wanted for ages. I absolutely love the Razer quartz products and to now have both the Blackwidow keyboard and the Viper mouse is brilliant and it has really made my set up look a whole lot better. These are my first Razer products of my own and I really can't wait to get using them more and I think it will get me sat at my PC more too. 

So there you go that is everything I got for Christmas this year. I have definitely been spoilt and I am looking forward to getting plenty of use out of all my gifts. As I am trying to save more money in 2022 quite a few of these gifts will come in handy for me not spending money and keeping me in the house rather than going out spending. Now I can't wait to get using all these presents. 

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