November 2021 Favourites

Where has November gone? I really can't believe we are now into the final month of the year as it doesn't feel like two minutes ago we were celebrating the start of 2021. It is safe to say November has been a very good month with lots of different things taking places that were great in their own rights. It seems to have been a very busy month too which I guess is a good thing but is also a bit of a nightmare as nice relaxed nights are often needed. So here is what made it onto my favourites list for the month of November...



 It is safe to say hoodies season is in full swing for me. The weather has started to drop really cold and I am finally getting to layer up as I love to. Most days I am wearing a hoodie as they just give me that extra bit of warmth and he hoodies I own all have their different style benefits. It has actually been great getting ready on a morning and heading downstairs to where we keep our hoodies to see which one suits my outfit that day the best. The hoodie collection has had a few new additions too so it is great to get wearing them straight away as well. 



To some people this will sound crazy but I am absolutely loving the fact we are back at the football in the nice cold autumn / winter weather. I love getting all wrapped up for either afternoon or evening games and November had plenty of times for me to do this plus with Bradford City Women doing well at the moment it is great being back in the stadium reporting on the home games. It has also meant a lot more content has been viewed on Edge of the Area too which is always great to see especially as we start working on ideas for the new year that is quickly approaching. 


Getting The Games Room Done 

At long last the games room is almost complete. November was the month where work finally started on it and we are absolutely loving the progress that has been made. We have had it all plastered and painted and the new furniture has finally been moved back in. This room is now a nice cosy room for spending far too long in each evening and I just know we are both going to end up living in here once it is fully finished. The difference that has been made is unbelievable and now it is time to start saving up for another room to be done. 

Health & fitness

Getting Back On Track

At long last I finally seem to have got my head screwed back on and I seem to be making a little bit more progress within my weight loss and fitness journey. Granted the weight hasn't gone down as I would have liked it to but I have started to implement small changes that have stuck and I just know I am going to be seeing those results that I want to see very soon. After the past few months it is really nice to see the direction change for the better once again. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from November. What are your favourites from November 2021?

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