Overall 2021 Favourites

Honestly where has 2021 gone? It has been another crazy year but not half as bad as 2020 but it doesn't seem to have lasted 2 minutes. I had big plans for the year and honestly I don't feel like there has been time to achieve them so those are rolling over to 2022 which hopefully won't fly by half as fast. 2021 has been a year of first for me in so many ways and also getting things done that we have been putting off for a long time. So here is what made it onto my favourites list for the all of 2021...


Finding My Style

It is safe to say that 2021 was a time of experimenting for me when it came to my style and how I wanted to dress on a day to day basis but now at the end of the year I am looking back and absolutely loving the style I have found for myself. I feel more happier and confident in the way I dress now and overall I just feel more comfortable. I am glad I experimented with different styles to get to this stage but I am more glad I have found a style I love.



As someone who absolutely loves football 2020 was horrible for me as I was missing out on games and as someone who launched a football blog at the end of 2019 the delays in 2020 were an absolute nightmare. 2021 started with us still not being allowed to games but as preseason and the start of the regular seasons rolled around we were finally back in the stadiums. 2021 has been a great year of growth for my football blog but honestly it is just great to be back watching live football once again. Football is a very big part of my life so having it back was fantastic and 2021 has provided the momentum for some changes to the football blog in the new year. 


Getting The Games Room Done 

It took a fair bit of convincing but Liam finally agreed to get the games room redone in the middle of the year so we got a plasterer booked in and by November work was underway on getting the room looking a whole lot better. I hated this room previously as it was just rushed and nothing was really done when we moved in. Now though I absolutely love the new colours in the room and the furniture, it really has transformed the whole room and sitting in there for hours on end is fantastic. The room just looks completely different and was worth every penny we spent on it. 

Getting The Loft Done

Before we got the games room done we finally got our loft boarded so that we could finally use all the extra space for storage as well as make the hatch a lot more accessible. I am so glad we finally got this done as it turns out that the space is a lot bigger than we first thought and we now have space for everything up there which will hopefully mean nothing else goes missing. This space just needs organising a little bit so everything is easier to access but I am loving having it as it is. 

Health & fitness


I never thought at the start of the year that I would join a group exercise class but I started boxing in May and I am absolutely loving it. Each week is fantastic and it has really put me through my paces. This is something I will be continuing in 2022 and hopefully I will make it to a lot more sessions over the course of the year. Going to boxing has really helped boost my confidence and helped me on my fitness journey so I am really glad I stumbled across it on Facebook. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from 2021. What are your favourites from all of 2021?

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