My Two Current Favourite Winter Outfits

Winter for me is a case of getting wrapped up in comfy clothing and more often than not refusing to move out of the house unless I really have to. In the winter football is often called of due to the weather so I have a bit more free time than I expect in the winter months. I tend to use this time to either lounge around the house or go out and about with the family whether that is for days at the seaside or shopping. In the winter I opt for comfort over anything else because I want to be happy being layered up rather than restricted like some previous outfits have left me feeling. I love layering though as you are going to see in this post. My two favourite outfits are actually really similar too as in winter I just stick to that comfy clothing and honestly unless I am at work I tend to wear the same sort of thing so weekends all look the same for me. Here are my two favourite outfits this winter and it is safe to say they are a bit different to usual for me...

I seem to be opting for a bit of a street style look these days as well as going for a comfortable feel day in day out. That is why currently my black H&M cargo pants are my most worn, they are comfortable for long days and look perfect in the style I am doing for. They are elasticated so I don't have to worry about having a belt on and they are cuffed at the bottom which looks great with a pair of Air Force 1's even when they are a bit beat up these days. The black hasn't faded either which is great as that has happened with some pants in the past. I am trying to add a bit of colour to my outfits this year and thanks to this vibrant orange WNBA hoodie from Nike I have managed to add the colour I want whilst keeping the style I am aiming for. I absolutely love this hoodie and thanks to its thickness it keeps me nice and warm whilst looking great. Everything about this hoodie is just great from the fit of the body to the length of the sleeves, it has honestly made me want to get some more Nike hoodies. 

My second outfit is very similar to the first because as I said earlier I tend to stick with comfort in winter and for me a pair of elasticated pants a pair of white sneakers and a hoodie is just the ultimate comfy outfit. Instead of a bright orange hoodie this time I have toned it down a bit whilst still having a bit more colour in the outfit. This red Chicago Bulls hoodies was less than £20 from Primark and I love it. It is a bit on the more fitted hoodie compared to the Nike one however, it still provides the fit I am looking for whilst being really comfortable. I love the bold Bulls logo on the front of this hoodie and the small tab detail and it just keeps in with the style I am aiming for and once again it actually fits me properly in the arms which is a nice change. I think the red works really well with the cargo's and sneakers too and I know that for the rest of winter I will be getting plenty of wear out of this. 

There you go those are my two favourite winter outfits that are perfect for days out and lounging around. You really can't beat an outfit that consists of a hoodie in my opinion and I guess my wardrobe currently echos that as my hoodies collection is certainly growing at the moment and I can't complain about it. 

Which outfit do you prefer out of these two? 

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