November 2021 Fitness Update


Once again another month really hasn't gone to plan but at least we aren't seeing a gain this month. Somethings have really gone to plan and other thing just haven't happened for one reason or another. November was a bit of a hectic month too which really didn't help me out but I tried my best and I think it has certainly been a month of reflection and learning on the journey for me. So here is how the goals went for November... 

Cook all our meals at home (unless due to go out for the day) 
Unfortunately this really didn't work out as a lack of motivation and just general laziness we didn't cook half as much as we would have liked to. I think just with how busy it was at times too with work and sorting the house alongside other things time just wasn't on our side and by the time we had finished doing what we needed to it was just too late to mess around cooking. We are hoping to change this soon though. 

Take lunches to work 
Surprisingly I actually did quite well this and I took my lunches to work with me a fair few times over the course of the month. It actually felt great to know I was eating properly rather than going and spending a fortune on junk from Tesco each day.

Go boxing every Wednesday in the month
I was doing so well with this until the final Wednesday in the month when I unfortunately had to miss boxing due to feeling unwell. I had been doing so well going weekly and I really didn't want to ruin that streak but I decided for once I needed to listen to my body and I am actually quite looking forward to getting back. 

A lot less alcohol 
Now this one I did well with and I actually cut right back apart from one day out for my aunties birthday when I definitely went a bit overboard and suffered the next day. I don't drink a lot but I did become a fan of a glass of wine every couple of evenings after long days, I have cut that right back although the festive period might change that. 

Workout 5 times a week 
I worked out once a week when I was boxing and that is honestly it. I really struggled with getting up on a morning to work out as it has just been so cold lately and I really aren't a fan of the dark mornings. Who knows December might be better for workouts. 

Lose 6 lb
I didn't lose any weight this month but I managed to maintain so I don't mind too much. My clothes are getting a bit bigger on me too so I know that what I am doing is working for me so I just need to stick to it and hopefully the scales will start going down soon too. 

Go on at least 2 long walks 
Oh look another goal that we can't tick off, the weather really wasn't on our side in November neither was time so yet again we didn't manage to get out on any walks. I did increase my steps a fair bit though so I guess that is a positive. 

Beginning of November weight: 15 stone 11 lb 

End of November weight : 15 stone 11 lb

Total loss for the month : Maintain

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in December  ...

Enjoy the festive period
Eat what I want but stay mindful about it 
Don't go overboard with the alcohol 
Workout a lot more 
Maintain or lose 4lb 

We are into the last month of the year now and I am determined to smash it whilst also enjoying the festive period. I really want to be going into 2022 in the best mindset for my journey possible as it is safe to say I have been slacking in 2021. Now lets make the last month of the year count. 

Total loss for 2021 : + 1 lb 

Total loss since start of journey : - 5 lb

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