My winter wardrobe essentials

 It doesn't feel like two minutes ago I was writing my Spring essentials post but here we are already looking at what we need for the winter and I think it is safe to say after the autumn we have just had that we are going to need plenty of options for warm clothing as it is bound to be cold as we venture outdoors for the winter period. Just like in autumn when it comes to winter I absolutely love getting layered up and combining different items to create cosy outfits on a daily basis, my style definitely changes depending on what I am doing ie. work, days out or events but I make sure my wardrobe is fully stocked for those occasions so I am never stuck for something to wear that is going to keep me warm. It is safe to say my wardrobe is always overflowing at this time of the year with different clothing options and here is what I like to make sure I have to hand for the winter months... 

Thick Jumpers

For those days where I am not wanting to layer up too much, such as days at work I like to make sure I have some nice thick jumpers such as cable knit jumpers to wear each day. I love how smart these can look and with me working in a really old building they keep me warm all day. There are so many colour options out there but I tend to stick with black and grey or maroon for work. 

Long Sleeved Polo Shirts

I love to wear long sleeved polo shirts that are a nice thick material for work or going out as the weather drops colder.These sort of polo shirts just look really smart and can keep you nice and warm all day long. I tend to go for the 1/4 zip option rather than buttons as I feel these just look that bit smarter. These are part of my go to office wardrobe but they also look good for day drinking sessions or those days I just want to dress that bit smarter. 

Check Shirt 

I know most people reserve their check shirts for autumn but I love them that much I always wear mine all through winter too. I tend to buy flannel check shirts that are a bit thicker for that extra warmth but I also love to wear these open with a t-shirt underneath as they provide a great layered outfit option. I love darker colours in the winter and no doubt it will either be my red & black or black & white one that is the most worn. 

Smarter/Thicker Shirt 

If I want to feel that bit smarter for a day out or at work I usually opt for a smarter thicker shirt. Primark have done some great plain thicker shirts in recent years and I will be getting stocked up on these once again for winter. They are great quality and look great buttoned up for a smarter look or unbuttoned with a t-shirt under for a more casual look. 

Plain T-Shirt 

I am always stocked up on plain t-shirts throughout the year as they are great for under shirts or just a more casual look however, as winter approaches I make sure I am fully stocked up on black or grey plain t-shirts for under my shirts or hoodies when it comes to layering. If I am wearing a hoodie I will just thrown a plain t-shirt under so if I need to remove that hoodie I can as I have a t-shirt underneath. Plus I love wearing shirts open so a plain t-shirt just leaves the shirt to do the talking. 

Long Sleeved T-shirts 

This is a bit of a new one for me as I never really bothered with them in the past however, this year I am getting stocked up on plenty of long sleeved t-shirts, I am getting plain ones for layering on those colder days and I am getting printed ones for when the weather is cooler and doesn't call for a hoodie or thick jumper. There are so many different options out there when it comes to long sleeved t-shirts so I am sure you will see me picking plenty up over the next few months. 


I have loved hoodies for numerous years now and I absolutely love just throwing one on over a plain t-shirt and either leaving my outfit as that or adding a nice a jacket over the top of it. I have so many hoodies in my wardrobe I could probably do a full post just about them (in fact I might do one day) and I have a variety of colours and thicknesses so I really do have one for every occasion. Most of my hoodies are printed though so I want to try pick up a few plain ones over the coming months for simpler layered outfits... in fact I already have my eye on a few Nike & Adidas ones.

Thick Coat 

90% of the time I just stick to my windbreaker jacket however, it is winter when I can finally wear my favourite jacket... my nice thick Superdry one, this keeps me so warm and is great for those days where I don't want to layer up and just putting this one on over a t-shirt still keeps me nice and warm. I have had this one for years too and it is still going strong. I am usually against thick coats but in winter you just can't beat them and I now have a few in my collection to give me options. There really is a thick coat out there for everyone. 


It is the winter where my darker coloured jeans get wheeled out, I tend to live in my black jeans in the winter months and I mix it up between ripped, skinny and slim fit pairs just depending on what sort of style I am going for each day. I also make sure I have some darker grey jeans for the winter months too as I have found they look great teamed up with some other items out of my wardrobe. 

Cargo Pants

It was towards the start of 2020 when I discovered cargo pants and ever since I have been loving them. I have a black pair and a grey pair and I love the street wear look it gives off when teamed up with some nice sneakers and a hoodie. These are honestly my most worn pants in the winter months as they are so comfortable and I am actually looking to pick up a few more pairs over the next few months if I can find some to fit the style I want to go for. 

Tracksuit Bottoms 

It is during winter when most of my lounging around happens as football games get cancelled and I just don't want to go out in the bad weather. I wear tracksuit bottoms a lot over the colder months as they are just more comfortable and the fleeced ones provide that bit of extra warmth that is needed. Not only do I wear these for lounging though I also wear them for going to watch the football as they dry quicker than jeans and are just a lot better for the bad weather. My go to tracksuit bottoms are those with elasticated bottoms as I just feel like they create a much better look. 

Low Sneakers 

When it comes to footwear in the winter you can bet I am sticking to my sneakers, I tend to opt for my low white leather sneakers just so I have less chance of ruining them in the bad weather and my go to pair is my Air Force 1 white pair from Nike. These are just comfortable and easy to clean plus they also go with a lot of my wardrobe. Fingers crossed I can also get a darker pair of sneakers soon (probably more Air Force 1's) to create some darker looks. 

Hi Top sneakers

Just like with the low sneakers I like to wear my hi top Air Force 1 pair from Nike as they are also leather and just provide that extra bit of material to take them above my ankle which is great for if it has snowed. Again these go with a lot of my wardrobe and are really comfortable so I don't mind wearing them over and over again. I really need to start wearing hi tops a bit more often again as they are perfect for when the weather turns. 

Hat, Scarves, Gloves

We have boxes full of hats, scarves and gloves at our house as they are worn a lot with us sitting out at cold football games but lately I have bought some smarter options as opposed to only having football ones. A nice beanie hat works well with so many of my outfits and a scarf just provides that extra bit of warmth. As a raynauds sufferer I have to make sure I am well stocked up on gloves and I have sports ones, fingerless ones and just plain ones, but there is no chance of my hands getting too cold. 

Thick Socks 

For most of the year I live in ankle socks or no show socks just so my outfit doesn't get ruined by being able to see the sock however, as the weather drops colder I make sure I have plenty of white sport socks to hand as I have found these don't really ruin my outfit and they are on the thicker side so my feet are kept nice and warm. I always buy the Nike socks but this year I am looking at other options too so if you can think of a better brand please let me know as I really do need to get my drawer restocked. 

I am really looking forward to putting outfits together this winter and making those outfits as comfortable and warm as possible. I am definitely going to try to experiment a bit more when it comes to the outfits and I am sure you will be seeing plenty of the outfits I create either on here or on Instagram where I am determined to post much more fashion content. I definitely need a shopping trip to stock up on a few items that I am missing or that have got a bit to big for me but I just can't wait to get properly layered up. 

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