All The Sneakers (& Other Footwear I Purchased In 2021)

Compared to previous years I would honestly say I have done pretty well this year when it comes to buying sneakers and other footwear. Previously I have bought loads of pairs for the sake of it due to their price but this year I have bought pairs I know I am going to get wear out of or that I have had my eye on for a while. It has been nice this year knowing that I haven't wasted my money and the footwear I have bought has been in line with the style I am opting for and fit well with the rest of my wardrobe. A lot of these have been picked up cheap and have saved me plenty of money but one pair has been a really treat and one that I have been after for a long time now so to tick that pair off the wish list has been fantastic. So here is the footwear I picked up in 2021...

The first pair I purchased have to be one of my favourites as they actually look quite smart to say they were just £15 in the River Island sale. I got these as I thought they would be a bit more of a smarter alternative to my Air Force 1's and they certainly are a lot smarter especially as I have managed to keep them looking brand new too. These just offer a bit of a smarter element to my outfits and I absolutely love them. 

I wanted a pair of Alexander McQueen's but they were totally out of my budget and then I came across this pair for under £20 and they are basically the same apart from having no logos or writing on them. Again these are just a smarter pair of white sneakers that are totally different to my usual as they are chunky sneakers. These are definitely a bit out of my comfort zone but I love them and I am hoping to get a lot more wear out of them in 2022. 

Originally I was going to buy myself some Birkenstocks however, on a trip to Asda I found these for less than £10.00 so it was a no brainer really to purchase these rather than the Birkenstocks. For as often as I am going to wear them the price of the Asda ones was perfect and I feel that they aren't that different from the real deal. They are actually pretty comfortable too which surprised me as I usually can't cope with anything like these. 

My poor old sliders had been run into the ground and were getting a bit worse for wear so I decided that 2021 was time for an upgrade. Luckily as I made this decision Primark released their collaboration with the NBA and these Chicago Bulls ones were in store. As soon as I saw them I knew they would be my next pair to go alongside the rest of my Bulls clothing and to be honest I have worn them a lot since getting them. In the garden, on holiday or around the house I have loved wearing these. 

Now these sneakers were an impulse buy as to be honest I didn't really need them but I love a good Adidas hi top and I love the red and white colour way on this pair. I still can't quite believe that these were only £24.99 and I am really glad I purchased them, now I just need to start wearing them more and I actually have a few outfits in mind for them. 

Now we have my favourite pick up of the year. I have wanted a pair of Jordan 1's for the longest time and this year I finally made a purchase of the pair I really wanted. As soon as I saw this colourway I knew I wanted them and to be honest I don't think that they were that badly priced either. I can't wait to get wearing these but I really don't want to ruin them so I think they might be kept for special occasions. Getting these have just made me want even more Jordan 1's. 

I finally got back into playing football a bit this year which was great but also meant I needed to purchase some new boots. I ended up getting the Adidas ones for under £30 at a local outlet and they are perfect, they are nice and bright just how I like my boots and they are surprisingly comfortable too. I am hoping to get to football a whole lot more throughout 2022 so who knows these might end up needing to be replaced. 

I honestly wasn't expecting to buy any Converse this year but a Facebook advert for Schuh brought these Pokemon ones to my attention as the second they were released I made sure to order a pair. I don't think I will ever stop loving Pokemon and I just love the overall look of my favourite Pokemon and how the Converse badge has been turned into a Pokeball. Now I just have to decide if I am actually going to wear them or try keep them box fresh... I am leaning towards wearing them at the moment though. 

I never actually thought I would end up getting a pair of Nike Dunks as they always end up selling out really quickly and they do cost a fair bit however, my mum jokingly sent a picture of these to me as they are basically our favourite football teams colours and I don't think she expected me to have a pair less than a week later. I am so glad I got these as the colour is great and different and they are also really comfortable. Now I just need to get some Crep shields for them. 

It is safe to say I have really reigned in my spending on sneakers this year but honestly in 2022 I do want to treat myself to more pairs I have had my eye on and really build up my collection that little bit more. I need to get rid of pairs that are falling apart and invest in some fresh new pairs that look great. Maybe a sneaker wish list will have to take place soon so I can tick off the ones I really want to get over the course of the year so I don't buy sneakers just for the sake of it and actually get what I really want whilst saving a bit of money too. Fingers crossed we can add some more football boots to the collection too. 

What is your favourite pair of sneakers you have picked up this year? 

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