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I have tried to be good this year when it came to ordering from MyProtein and actually limited myself to just a few orders over the course of the year instead of ordering every month for the sake of it, I noticed last year I was ordering a lot and it was going out of date before I got around to eating or drinking it so I wasn't about to make the same mistake again this year. Limiting myself this year has meant that I wasn't wasting the food or my money and to be honest I think I have appreciated the items I have bought more this time around. I have bought a few bits of clothing but today's post is all about the food and supplement items I have from MyProtein, I don't have much due to limiting myself however here is what I do currently have...

For some reason every time I order from MyProtein I end up adding a shaker or two to my order. We currently have about 5 of the standard plastic shakers in our drawers which is great as it means that we have plenty to keep in rotation if for some reason one gets left at work. I recently treated myself to the new move & lift ones too as I absolutely love the look of these and the colours are brilliant, I think these might end up being my go to shakers. 

Vitamins are something I have never bothered taking however after feeling run down and awful for most of this year I have added the MyProtein multivitamins into my daily routine and honestly I am feeling much better for it. I started with the Vimto ones which are lovely and I have recently got some of the original ones for when the Vimto ones run out. I much prefer gummy vitamins so these are absolutely perfect for me. 

I absolutely love snacking but the snacks I was previously having weren't benefiting me in any way, I mean how does a full bar of Dairy Milk fit in with your daily calorie intake when you are trying to get all your nutrients in and hit your protein goal. I have recently changed so my daily snacks are MyProtein ones, I honestly prefer these over a bar of chocolate and they slowly help me get more protein into my diet. Their crisps are absolutely gorgeous and I prefer them over Pop Chips lately. I absolutely love their layered bars and crispy wafers too and they are perfect for snacking on before or after my workouts and they hold off the chocolate cravings. 

Finally we have my Clear Whey which is fantastic as it is just like drinking a bottle of juice and my body tolerates it much more than it did the thick protein shakes I used to drink. These are definitely more suitable to me and I seem to be making my way through the flavours they offer. My favourite at the moment is definitely the orange and mango one. These are just a good way of increasing my protein intake and also get me drinking a bit more each day. 

I am actually quite pleased with how I have limited myself but got stocked up on the products I love in the cupboards. As I am using MyProtein products a whole lot more lately I think I will be placing a few more orders in 2022 than I did this year to make sure I am well stocked for hitting all my fitness and weight loss goals for the year. As I said at the start of the post I haven't included clothing in this but let me know if you want a post in the future about the MyProtein clothing I own. 

What is your favourite MyProtein product? 

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