The Whisky I Would Love To Purchase

I have mentioned in the past how I have started to drink a lot more whisky and you can read that post here, but what I have realised lately is there are a whole lot more brands that I would absolutely love to try. These brands are all at different price points but they are the ones that I have been recommended the most or the ones that have jumped out on me when I have been browsing in stores or online. Some of these I have even seen when I have been out drinking but I have stuck with the old faithfuls instead of trying them. I have noticed with what we already have in our collection that I tend to opt for more bourbons than anything else but this list consists of bourbons and even some scotch. So here are the whisky's I would love to pick up in the future...

I mentioned in my previous post how much I love Johnnie Walker whisky especially the black label however, a bottle I always head over to is their blue label. I have wanted to try this for a very long time but the price of £160.00 really does put me off. I have said in the past though if I ever achieve some big goals that I have I will purchase a bottle of this as a bit of a celebration. Who knows at some point my collection my include every label that Johnnie Walker does. 

This Hibiki Japanese blended whisky is also a bottle that always seems to catch my eye, in fact a lot of Japanese drinks do at the moment but again it is the price tag that is really off putting for me. £200.00 for a whisky just seems ridiculous to say all I am going to do is drink it.I think if I shop around and can find this cheaper though it will be soon added to the alcohol cabinet as I think me and some members of the family could really enjoy it. 

Now we are into the more realistic purchase options as the price point is drastically reduced for this Makers Mark bourbon, at just £25.00 I have seen this in a few different supermarkets now and each time I am drawn towards it but just haven't managed to pick up a bottle yet. I think once I have finished the Johnnie Walker black label I am currently drinking I think I will be restocking with this one, fingers crossed it is a good one. 

Monkey shoulder is another really reasonably priced whisky at just £35.00 and it is one that has been recommended to me a lot from some of my family members. My grandad has mentioned this one to me a lot so I think it might finally be time to pick a bottle up. Again this can be found in most supermarkets so it could easily be one of the first bottles I buy as a bit of a treat. 

I have heard so much about Talisker from blog posts I have read and just from looking into different whisky's to purchase. I think after how much I have read I really need to pick up a bottle for myself to see if it is as good as people say. For a bottle of their 18 year old single malt scotch it is going to cost around £90 so again this is going to be a treat bottle a little further down the line but if I can get it a bit sooner I definitely will. 

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whisky £33.00 

Finally we have another more affordable option with this Woodford Reserve bourbon, again I have seen this in quite a few supermarkets but just haven't got around to purchasing a bottle yet but at around £33.00 I will definitely be picking up a bottle very soon as I think it could be a pretty good bourbon for the price. I think I do really need to get through a few of the bourbons we already own first though as they are starting to pile up and I really want to buy the Maker's Mark one first.

I don't tend to drink very often but when I do it is definitely a good glass of whisky I am reaching for and it has been that way for a while now so lets hope that I can start adding even more bottles to the collection soon and discover some new favourites. Gone are the days of just buying a bottle of Jack Daniels it is now time to go out there and explore my options. 

If you drink whisky what is one of your go to bottles?  

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