I Have Taken A Liking To Whisky... Here Is Our Current Whisky Collection

Since turning 18 it is safe to say I have had my fair share of alcoholic drinks and over the years I have quickly realised what I do and don't like and more importantly what gives me the worst hangovers and what I needed to avoid. Then when me and Liam got the house we got ourselves a little alcohol cabinet which of course we aimed to fill with our favourite drinks so we were never running out at gatherings or on those nights where we just fancied a drink. 

Whisky soon became one of my go to drinks as I liked the taste of the smokiness and how different each bottle could be. It soon became a bit lethal though as the variety of whisky's out there meant I was constantly picking up new bottles to try and hopefully really enjoy. Plus it seems to be a go to gift from our families on special occasions so we are never short of a bottle of whisky in our house. Over the past 3 years our little whisky collection has certainly grown and here is what we currently have...

Surprisingly I aren't a big fan of Jack Daniels unless it is the original one but Liam likes trying the different ones they do. He actually finished a bottle of this Tennessee Fire Jack Daniels a while back and as he liked it that much he ended up picking up another bottle but he hasn't got around to starting on that one yet. I haven't actually tried this one yet but no doubt I will end up doing so soon. 

Carrying on Liam's Jack Daniels theme we have not one but two bottles of the Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey. I remember trying this and thinking it was sweet but I liked it quite a bit and clearly Liam did as he got a bigger bottle before even finishing his other. I love how reasonably priced Jack Daniels is and the variety they offer and I know Liam likes trying those options. 

This one is actually a Lidl brand one which I believe Liam again got as a gift but we are yet to try.  I have heard mixed reviews on this whisky so I am looking forward to trying it for myself soon. This might be one of those I reach for when I don't fancy having one of my stronger fancier ones. Mix this with a bit of coca cola or lemonade and I will have a great drink I hope. 

Next up yet another gift that Liam received but we both love. We weren't too sure on the Stag's Breath Liqeur at first but as we drunk more and more it grew on us, well especially me as the drink is just so smooth and sweet due to it having the fermented comb honey in it. I think it is safe to say that once this bottle is finished I will be purchasing it again as I enjoy it that much plus it is really reasonably priced which makes it even better.

This one was picked up simply due to it being on offer. This is just one of those whisky's I like to have in at all times just in case we have a family get together and I don't want everyone drinking our best stuff, we once had a bottle of rum gone in one sitting so that mistake isn't happening again. This is just handy to have in as it is pretty cheap and actually taste quite nice. Normally I am picky with my scotch whisky but this one makes the cut. 

This bottle of Jim Beam is also one Liam was gifted from work I believe and we still haven't got around to trying it. Jim Beam is a name I have always heard of but have never actually tasted so I am actually really looking forward to getting around to drinking this one. I quite like Kentucky Straigh Bourbons so fingers crossed this is to my liking. If not I am sure Liam and my grandad and uncle will enjoy it. 

I absolutely love the Four Roses whisky and I first had this when I was out drinking with family. Then strangley not long after we ended up being gifted this bottle with no-one actually knowing we liked it. This one went down far too easily when I tried it and I am sure this bottle will be gone sooner rather than later as I try to stick to drinking one bottle at a time otherwise I end up having too many on the go at once.  

Bulleit Bourbon is another one I tried whilst out and then we ended up being gifted it. I am really looking forward to making a start on this bottle as honestly it is up there as one of my favourites at the moment. I am so glad we got a bottle of this as just a few days before we got it we were tempted to buy it. Again this is another really great whisky and a really reasonable price. 

As you can probably see from the half a bottle left and the fact I already have a replacement lined up this Johnnie Walker Black label is top of my favourites list as it is so easy to drink and tastes absolutely gorgeous. Johnnie Walker is a fantastic brand and I am determined that I am going to own a bottle of all the different labels they do no matter what the cost is but for now I am going to stick to really enjoying this black label one although lately I am probably enjoying it way more than I should. 

There are definitely some bottles of whisky I haven't tried yet but I would love to try them soon so I will be doing a bit of a whisky wish list post in the future as I expand my knowledge in the world of whisky and expand my taste buds. Please let me know any whisky recommendations you have as I want to try as many as possible. 

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