The Brands I Would Love To Try


With my style changing I am determined to try some new brands when it comes to me purchasing my new clothing. It is safe to say a lot of my inspiration for my new style has come from Instagram, YouTube and other blogs and it has opened my eyes to brands I have never considered buying from before and even ones I had never even heard of before. I am hoping that in the near future as I am a bit closer to my goal weight I can invest in a few pieces from these brands to make my wardrobe a bit more as I want it to look, aka closer to my perfect style. So here are the brands I want to try and incorporate into my wardrobe... 

Ralph Lauren 

I have had a Ralph Lauren baseball cap in the past but as I am piecing my new wardrobe together I really want to add more pieces from this brand. I am trying my best to smarten myself up that little bit more so I want to pick up a variety of their classic women's shirts as I absolutely love how they look and style the right way the could be perfect for work and days out. I also want a few sweatshirts from the brand as they look great for lounging around in and also dressing down an outfit a bit. Ralph Lauren is a brand I have heard very good things about so fingers crossed I can pick up some items sooner rather than later. 


I have always loved the thought of getting a Barbour jacket as I just absolutely love how they look and how much of a smart countryside vibe they give off. I would love one of their jackets for walks me and Liam head off on. Previously one of these jackets would have never fit my style however, with the direction my style seems to be going in I think I could easily make it work now. I am hoping that I can save up a bit and then invest in the perfect style Barbour jacket for me as a bit of a treat for when I do eventually hit that weight loss goal I am aiming for. It is safe to say I am definitely looking at this as an investment piece rather than an everyday piece though. 


My sister has had a pair of Hunters for absolutely ages now and they are still going strong so with me trying to go on more walks I want to invest in a good pair of Wellingtons and Hunter are certainly the top of the list when it comes to this. I want a classic colour pair that is going to last me just as long as hers have and that I can throw on when the weather gets bad or when I am going on muddy walks as the weather gets worse, which I am definitely hoping to do a lot of. Again these are going to be a bit of an investment but fingers crossed I can wear them plenty of times. 

Karen Millen x Lydia Millen

 I am absolutely loving Lydia Millen's content on both YouTube and Instagram, when I saw her latest release with Karen Millen I ended up saving a few items to my phone in hopes of picking them up in the very near future again though they are a bit more on the expensive side so I want to wait as long as possible before I purchase these to make sure I will get my wear out of them with me losing weight. I will be honest until Lydia started working with the brand I had never heard of them but the jodhpurs they do and the white shirt is absolutely perfect and would fit the style I am going for brilliantly. I think Karen Millen's website is one I will be checking more often if the Lydia Millen collection is anything to go by. 

In The Style x Lorna Luxe

Another collaboration I am loving at the moment is the In The Style & Lorna Luxe collaboration. 99% of the clothing in this collection has caught my eye and I would absolutely love to add some into my wardrobe soon. The sweatshirts are gorgeous as are the blazers and to be honest if I could only pick 3 items from the collection I would really struggle as there are that many items jumping out at me. The collection is really smart and is perfect for that smarter look I am wanting to aim for whilst not been far too expensive like some other collections with other brands. 

There you have it those are the brands I am really hoping to try in the very near future. As I have said in the past as I am losing my weight I am slowly but surely gaining that confidence to be who I really want to be including dressing how I have wanted to for a long time. Lets hope that I can start trying other brands soon too including ones in this post and slowly build up my perfect wardrobe. Have you tried any of these brands before? What items from them would you recommend? 

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