The Perfect Autumn Evening


It is safe to say that since I have moved into my own home things have changed where as some areas have stayed pretty similar to how they always have been. As I have said plenty of times before autumn is one of my favourite times of the year as it means that my evenings are spent at home doing what I love the most, relaxing and making the most of my hobbies. When the weather warms up my life seems to go crazy however, as the colder weather approaches it really slows down as football matches get called off due to the weather and no one really wants to spend any extra time outdoors. My autumn evenings can go either way really as I will make the most out of watching the TV or playing on my games so here is how the perfect autumn evening tends to look for me these days...

The first version of the perfect autumn evening for me is for after a long day of work when I have little to no motivation left for the day. This is when I just get myself settled down on the sofa for the night and don't move again unless I really need to. It isn't until this year that I have actually started sitting in the living room as before I would just go spend my day in the games room or go lay in bed. However, this year I have started to really enjoy just laying down on the sofa losing track of time. As part of my perfect autumn evening I will get changed into my comfiest lounge wear go back downstairs and light a candle and sometimes the fire, this just makes the room that little bit cosier and the candle or wax melt just makes the room smell nice and autumnal as well. I will then turn the TV on and find something to watch on Disney+ or Netflix. At the moment I land on Disney+ and head straight to Grey's Anatomy to watch as many episodes of that as possible. I always have a drink with me for this too and these days it is either a glass of rose wine or a hot chocolate. I am hoping that this autumn I can mix quite a few film nights into this routine too so I need to get scrolling through Disney + to see what jumps out at me the most. It is nice just having nights like this as it is such a nice change of pace compared to how my summer evenings are. 

Not all evenings are spent on the sofa watching TV though and when I do have that bit more motivation usually on a weekend evening or after work when it hasn't been such a manic day. So here is how those perfect autumn evenings look when I have a bit more motivation...

On these types of evenings I start off again by going and getting changed into my comfiest lounge wear then head down to make myself a drink and take that and a bottle of water back upstairs and into the games room. I then switch on my Baby Yoda wax melt warmer and switch on whichever console I want to play on that day. These days my go to is the PS5 so I will switch that on and some of the RGB lights we have in the room and just game away for hours. When I have had enough with the PS5 I will then jump onto the Xbox to play something different on that console. I can spend hours on end in the games room just jumping on and off different consoles. I absolutely love evenings wrapped up in the games room and with us getting it redone this year I think I am just going to end up spending even more time in there too. I love having more time in autumn to sit and play games and complete a whole lot of my backlog compared to what I do in the warmer weather. I absolutely love gaming evenings and I really do need to have a whole lot more of them. 

So there you go that is what a perfect autumn evening looks like for me, I definitely prefer the gaming evenings over anything else and I think I will be having the most of these this year as I look to complete more games and just relax rather than my life being 100 miles an hour like it has been recently. 

What is your perfect autumn evening like? 

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