My Current Favourite Shops To Look In


Since changing around with my style and finding something that suits me more I have been finding new shops to try however, I always seem to be going back to the old faithfuls where I know I am getting a fairly good quality product at a reasonable price and where I know they are going to fit me rather than having to constantly be returning items. Whilst I am losing weight I aren't planning on spending a fortune on clothes so the stores I shop in are all reasonably priced so that I aren't wasting money. With my style changing I have gone from shops like JD and Footaylum being favourites to stores that sell smarter clothes so here are the shops I am shopping in recently and am absolutely loving... 

River Island

Until the middle of last year I couldn't fit into most of the clothing I liked in River Island so to finally be able to buy the clothes I love from their is fantastic. There is something for almost every style in River Island and the clothing is really good prices and is great quality. I love the graphic t-shirts from this store but honestly as I am moving away from wearing them now there are still plenty of great clothing options in store for me to pick from whilst I am developing my ideal style. They also have sales on quite often too which is great as I can save a bit more money and don't feel like I have wasted loads if the item is too big a few weeks later. 

H & M 

My favourite thing to buy from H&M is definitely their checked shirts as they are fantastic quality for what they cost. I already have a lot of their shirts in my wardrobe and will be adding even more as the year progresses. I also love their plain t-shirts as again they are a fantastic fit and are a really good price at £3.99. I would have to say H&M are definitely my go to for essentials and basics just down to the variety they have to offer and how much they cost. Plus they treat you on your birthday so items are even cheaper, this is usually the time I get stocked up on items as the extra discount really does go a long way. The website wish list feature is great too for keeping an eye on stock and price reductions. 


I absolutely love Primark still after all these years and I think recently they have just got better and better with the items they are selling. Yes the prices have gone up a bit but to be honest it is still really good prices for the items they sell with quite a few lately looking more expensive than they are. They have done some great collaborations like their one with Kem which is a range I could easily buy one of everything from. They are also brilliant for lounge wear and every birthday and Christmas I end up with a pair of pyjamas from the store as they are some of the best on the market that I have tried. I honestly buy so much from Primark whether it is clothing, footwear or my favourite perfume.  

Sports Direct

This is a bit of a random one but my life has changed over the past year and Sports Direct has really helped me get stocked up on items I have needed for those changes. I started boxing so I got my boxing gloves from their, I went back to football so it is where I have bought my football equipment from and it is also where I now get a lot of my workout clothes from now as they have some great products on some great offers plus my local store always has plenty of stock. As I start working out more and playing football more frequently I will be buying a lot more from here including some training equipment for when we sort the side garden out too as they are great for those items too. No doubt this will be where a lot of my walking gear comes from too as I start to purchase that. But for now I need to make a list of just what I need because if not I go in store and buy everything apart from what I need. 

I really do think as I start to discover more new stores and incorporate more items to fit my style my favourites list will be changing because some stores are going to be a whole lot better for my desired style. Plus there is also the possibility that my weight loss is going to mean I fit better in clothing from stores I have not bee able to wear for years. I am sure you will be seeing plenty of favourite shop posts over the coming years as my style develops but for now these are by far my favourite shops. 

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