My Two Current Go To Autumn Outfits

Autumn is definitely my favourite time when it comes to clothing as I experiment with my outfits a whole lot more as I love autumn fashion and especially layering up as it is when I feel more comfortable. We are only a few weeks into autumn however, I have already noticed I seem to be reaching for certain outfit combinations more than others as they just make me feel better in myself and give me that little bit of a confidence boost. Both these outfits are pretty smart as opposed to my summer style of t-shirts & shorts and to be honest I think that is what helps boost my confidence, looking smarter definitely helps me feel much better in myself. What I love about these outfits though are is that they are so versatile they can be worn on a day to day basis, for events or even for work which is great as I can get more wear out of the clothing items rather than just having to save them for work or weekends. So here are the 2 outfits that I am reaching for more than any others... 

I think this outfit is forever going to be one of my favourites as it is when I am definitely feeling more me. I have always loved a good flannel shirt especially a red and black one and in autumn it is always a top I reach for more than anything else, they are just so comfortable and absolutely brilliant for layering up or just creating a smart casual look. I wear this with a black t-shirt underneath so I can either wear the shirt buttoned up or unbuttoned which to be honest it just depends on my mood if I have it done up or not as unbuttoned looks more casual yet buttoned up looks a little smarter. I team the top up with a pair of either plain skinny or slim jeans or a pair of black ripped jeans depending on what sort of style I want to go for but if I want to be a bit smarter I will just go for plain skinny jeans. On my feet my go to for this outfit is just a pair of plain white sneakers, especially really clean ones as they just finish off the look for me and look a bit smarter than a standout pair of sneakers. White sneakers are just a bit more subtle as opposed to some of the other sneakers I own although I will sometimes pair this outfit with my Vans Old Skools if I fancy some black footwear to tone the look down a little bit more. If it does dropped colder I will also through on a bomber jacket or my Superdry jacket over this to add an extra layer for some extra warmth. 

This outfit is definitely a go to for work as it is a little bit smarter for the office and it certainly keeps me warm in the old building which just doesn't seem to warm up. I love wearing my chunky knit jumper from Primark when the weather drops colder as it keeps me nice and warm and it actually fits really well these days, the sleeves are the correct length as it the body and to say how cheap it is it definitely looks a little more expensive. This is actually the first chunky knit jumper I have owned and I am really hoping to pick up some more especially as winter approaches. There is just something about a nice jumper for work that I love at this time of year but then again with how cold the office is I basically wear them all year round. I team this jumper up with a pair of plain black skinny jeans especially if I am wearing it for work as it just dresses th outfit up that little bit more and looks better fitting than slim or ripped jeans. If I am wearing the outfit for work I will usually wear my white sneakers just for some extra comfort but often I will reach for my Chelsea boots with this outfit just to dress it up a bit more. As for a jacket with this outfit I will usually wear my smart coat just to dress it up even more or if it is just to walk to work in I will through on a windbreaker. 

These are definitely the outfits I am reaching for more and more lately and to be honest I think that flannel shirt look is going to forever be a favourite of mine just because of how versatile it is, plus my wardrobe is starting to fill up with more and more flannel shirts at the moment which to be honest I aren't going to complain about as I absolutely love it. No doubt my favourites will keep on changing as I come up with more combinations when I have gone through my wardrobe properly but for now I am happy with these two.

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