The MyProtein Impact Week Sale Was Just Too Tempting...

It has been a while since I ordered anything from MyProtein but with the deals they had on during their recent Impact Week. I definitely needed to restock most of my supplement cupboard and I needed a few new bits of clothing so with discounts ranging from 45% to 55% at the time of me ordering I made full use of the discounts and we are now fully stocked for a while and even my sister managed to get her first few MyProtein pieces. So here is what we got...

The first order we made was simply thanks to my sister. She had been mentioning that she wanted some new leggings and was talking about Gymshark so I mentioned MyProtein to her and just a few hours later she had played her first order and I managed to get a few items for myself... 

my sister ending up with 3 pairs of leggings. She opted for the black space dye power leggings, brindle curve leggings and danger curve leggings and out of these 3 pairs the most expensive was still under £11 so she picked up 3 pairs really cheap and after trying them on she is already loving them. 

I ended p restocking my workout clothing with a pair of fade graphic training shorts, a navy essentials t-shirt and galaxy marl performance 1/4 zip top. Again the most expensive item of mine was £13.80 so mine were all bargains too and they all look great and feel like great quality. I can't wait to get wearing these items and some even feel too good to wear for a workout. 

The second order was mainly my idea as I found out the discount had increased by a fair bit so I thought it was time I restocked the kitchen cupboards to help me get that extra protein into my diet which I know I definitely require. 

My sister ended up getting a few more bits on this order too but this time she opted for tops, she got the gradient line hoodie and the essentials sweatshirt which again she says she is really impressed with. I think she might be converted to MyProtein now and I can see her asking for more and more ordering. 

I have realised that you can never have enough shakers so I purchased another two for myself as I am using them daily now these have become a bit of an essential for me. They are really cheap too so I like to have a good stock of them. 

As soon as I saw that I could get a discount on the Vimto bits that were limited edition I knew I needed to pick some of those bits up. I ended up getting the multivitamin gummies as I am trying to incorporate vitamins into my daily routine now. I can't wait to start using these. Seen as I was down to my last tub of clear whey I also picked up some of this in the Vimto flavour and for £10.99 I can't wait to crack this one open. 

I also managed to pick up some BBQ sauce for just £2.49 which granted it might seem a bit on the high side for sauce but it is going to last me a while. I am looking forward to trying this with it being sugar free as my meals have been lacking sauce lately. 

I also picked up a box of the chocolate crispy wafers for £7.49. These are going to come in really handy for snacks as I can incorporate them into my calories for the day and increase my protein intake rather than wasting calories on junk. I have heard good things about these so fingers crossed they live up to expectation. 

Finally I picked up two boxes of the crisps as I haven't had these for a while and I used to absolutely love them. At £3.99 a box they are definitely on the pricey side however, I know they are worth it as they taste really nice and are a nice alternative to the Pop Chips I sometimes buy. 

I am determined to get back on track with my diet and I know that I desperately need to increase the amount of protein I am consuming so lets hope that these purchases are going to provide me a step in the right direction and lets hope the clothing gets me motivated to get back working out. I am sure that there are going to be plenty more MyProtein purchase very soon but for now I think I have ticked ever box for what I required at the time... 

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