Challenging Myself For The Last 92 Days Of The Year : October Plan


So here we go there is just 92 days left of the year. How that has happened I really don't know but there is a lot I want to get done in those final 92 days, the main thing is trying to get back on track with my weight loss and fitness journey which started the year brilliantly but since the pandemic restrictions eased has just gone in the total opposite direction and I am struggling. I know that I could do so much better as I proved that to myself in 2020 so it is time to step it back up a gear and get back to what I was doing before so I start seeing those results once more. I am sick of different things holding me back and now it is time to prove to myself all over again just what I can do when I put my mind to it.

The first 31 days just so happen to fall throughout the month of October which people usually class as stoptober however, I won't be doing that, yes alcohol will be very limited but I have other plans and I will be trying my best to stick to them and holding myself accountable for the whole month. So here is the plan to get the most out of October to hopefully some great results...


After looking at the calendar it is looking like there is going to be 4 Wednesday's in October which means 4 boxing sessions I can very easily get to. I proved to myself the I don't need my sister to go for me to be able to go so I am determined to make every Wednesday throughout October. I am absolutely loving going boxing and I am definitely benefiting from those sessions I do attend so fingers crossed everything goes to plan. 


It also looks like there is 4 Friday's where I should easily be able to get to football on and after the few sessions I have been to being absolutely fantastic I am determined to get there more often. It feels great to be out there kicking the ball about once again and I am really hoping to get to 4 sessions in October & fingers crossed I can pick up some new Astro trainers for it too. 


I have definitely been neglecting the weights recently and that is mainly due to me neglecting working out all together but I am determined to change that. I actually got really into working out using the weights and they became one of my favourite workouts so I am hoping that twice a week I can just focus on a weighted workout and get those benefits I had before. Plus I am wanting to really improve me strength over the next few months so this should really help. 


There are 5 Sunday's in October so 5 days where I can go on an hour long walk to get some fresh air and increase my step count which is certainly needed as since returning to the office I have been massively slacking. I want to do at least 5 big walks but if I can do a few more that would be fantastic. As I said earlier my step count has been terrible lately so I want to really increase that too and aim for 8,000 steps a day which I think is going to be a good starting point for myself. 

Exercise Bike

Just like with the weights I have been neglecting the exercise bike far too much since I have gone back to the office but that is again going to change as I can easily do this whilst watching TV rather than just laying down playing on my phone like I am now. I want to be productive with my time and benefit from it. So the plan with the exercise bike is to go on it 5 times a week minimum for 30 minutes to 60 minutes each time, I might invest in some cycle shorts for this but for now I am just determined to smash it and turn my TV time into TV and exercise time. 

Food & Drink

Now this has been my weakness since everything started to open back up and I have gone back to the office. I have spent my time drinking too much alcohol so I am going to really cut back on that and drink maybe once or twice in the month. I also really want to cut right back on my takeaways and start to cook a bit more. I am definitely getting better at this but again I can do a whole lot better. I seemed to see more progress when I was calorie counting so I am going to try do that daily too so I can see where my downfalls are and improve on those areas. I am also going to increase my water intake again as that is something I have done loads of in the past and it has worked well for me plus my stomach feels much better when I do this. 

Other Areas 

Remember those YouTube workouts I really liked doing, well I am going to try slot them into my routine somewhere along the line so that I can enjoying my working out again with different ones, I might do some Chloe Ting videos, some EM K Fit videos and maybe even some step ones if my step count is low that day. I am also going to try learn or do 1 new thing each month so for October I am going to try learn how to do a full push up rather than the knee ones I currently do, hopefully practice will make perfect this time around and the weight training will also help. Who knows October might also be the month where I finally purchase Ring Fit and get using that too as it is still looking very appealing.


So the big one for the month. The plan with my weight, well not really a plan but more of a goal. I am hoping that by the end of October I have lost 8lb which is basically 2lb a week which should definitely be achievable with the rest of the plan. I am also hoping to see 3cm drop off my waist as that has definitely grown recently and I think it is a reasonable goal for a month. 

It is definitely going to be a busy month with me exercising most days to really benefit from this and hopefully rebuild those healthy habits that I made last year. If everything goes to plan I am hoping to see some great progress in month 1 of this new little plan/challenge. I am sure you will be able to follow my progress over on my social media accounts. 

We have 92 days of the year left, lets make the most of it. 

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