A Weekend Evening Routine After The Football

With my love for football growing and showing no signs of slowing down it is no surprise that more often than not my full weekend is spent revolving around football. With the football blog going in the right direction too it also means a lot of time is spent on that too and is taking up a whole lot of time but of course with it being football I really don't mind at all. So today's post is going to be taking a look at how a typical weekend looks for me when football is involved. In most cases when I am at football on the Saturday to watch Bradford City men then on a Sunday I am usually at Bradford City Women to report on the game for the Edge of the Area blog. So here is how one of those weekends goes typically...

9 times out of 10 if we are at the football on a Saturday afternoon Liam is working in the morning, this means rather than sitting on my own all day I will take my nephew football training before heading out shopping with my mum for an hour or so. I don't know why I do this so often though as I tend to spend an absolute fortune when I am out with my mum as for some reason I just lose control of my money. Once we get back from shopping it is a case of watching a bit of football on the TV before heading to pick Liam up from our house to go to the football. Football is also food time for me as I don't tend to eat before I get to the game, I usually just save myself for one of the chicken balti pies they serve. Once the game is over and done with my dad then drops us back off at home ready for us just to relax for the rest of the evening. At this time of year I need to warm back up after the game so I usually get straight into my loungewear and head into the games room. This is where I will either turn on my PC to watch some YouTube or I will head on over to the TV to play on my consoles. I then play games for quite a while and we usually have a takeaway on its way to us by this time. Once I have eaten and had enough of gaming I will then head off to bed where I will watch a little bit of Grey's Anatomy before drifting off to sleep. 

On Sunday it is time to go again and I can never seem to sleep in these days so it is an early rise for me whilst Liam has a bit of a lie in. Sunday morning is when I write my to do list for the week ahead and upload any pictures that I need to for up coming blog posts. If the weather is ok we will then go for a nice walk before coming back to get ready for yet another game of football. Once I am back I will get changed, pack the camera bag and then we head over to watch Bradford City Women. Whilst at that game I am constantly writing notes whilst Liam is taking images for Edge of the Area ready for when we get back home. Once we are home I am then get the match report typed up and I then go through all the pictures Liam took, add some to the match report and save some for Instagram. Once all that is done it is time to get ready for the week ahead. This is when I plan my outfits for the week ahead, pack my bag for work and just relax for the rest of the evening. This is when I tend to binge watch the most of Grey's Anatomy before heading to bed. Sunday's are definitely the day of the week where I go to bed the earliest. 

So there you have it that is what a typical weekend looks like for me when it is a weekend filled with football. I have to say these types of weekends are definitely my favourites as they are filled with one of the things I love the most and it definitely keeps me busy in a good way. I would honestly be happy if all my weekends were exactly like this. 

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