September 2021 Favourites

 Well that is September over and done with and I can't quite believe that the year is almost coming to an end, I seem to have blinked and we are suddenly 10 months into the year. September has been a good month for plenty of reasons and it has been a month of progress in many areas too. So here are my favourite things from the month of September...


Autumn Outfits

 Autumn is by far my favourite season as the weather starts to change and outfits end up getting better. I love piecing outfits together for autumn as I absolutely love layering and I just feel a lot more comfortable & confident in autumn clothing, it is just more me. It has been a strange month has September with the weather being great one minute and awful the next so I only managed to experiment with a few autumn outfits but it was a start and I absolutely loved it. 



The beginning of September was my birthday and I absolutely loved the celebrations it entailed. I spent my actual birthday in Manchester where we did some shopping and plenty of drinking then a few days after I ended up having a party with my family which was fantastic. I am definitely appreciating my birthday's more lately and it was just the perfect way to celebrate for me this year. 

Football Being Back

All my favourite football leagues are finally back so my life is once again with filled with plenty of football. I am absolutely loving being back at games and seeing them live with an atmosphere rather watching crowd less games through a TV screen. You just can't beat the feeling of being in a stadium plus it has been great to be back writing match reports too as I have definitely missed writing those. 


Booking Jobs In 

September is another month where we managed to get jobs around the house done and even better we went ahead and actually booked in getting a job done that I have wanted to get done for a while... we are finally going ahead with getting the games room redone, we have booked the plasterer and have started looking at paint colours and I can't wait for the start of November for work to start. 

Health & fitness


I managed to go play football again in September and once again I absolutely loved it. To say I never thought I would kick a ball again I am finding it really fun and the people I play with are brilliant. I am really hoping to increase the number of sessions I attend in the next few month but September was a good start. Now I just need to incorporate more football and other workouts back to my routine to get back on track. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from September. What are your favourites from September 2021?

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