You Can't Beat A Gin & Tonic.... Our Gin Collection

A few years ago my auntie and uncle got me to try a gin & tonic and to be honest I am absolutely hooked these days. If I aren't drinking a whisky I am no doubt drinking a gin and tonic these days as there is plenty of variety to suit whatever I fancy that evening. My go to gin's are either something nice and dry or something fruity and I think that is shown very easily throughout our collection. We do have a fair few bottles these days as with me and Liam both enjoying a good gin our families tend to buy us a fair few when it comes to birthdays or Christmas presents. So here is what we currently have in our alcohol display cabinet in terms of gin...

We always have a bottle of Gordon's to hand and to be honest it is usually a pink gin which unfortunately we haven't got at the moment but for us Gordon's is just a nice cheap bottle to have in at all times and to be honest it is one we bring out for parties as it doesn't matter if it needs restocking not long after it has been bought due to its cost. 

This Violet gin has barely been touched for some reason but e didn't actually purchase this. My mum bought it to try and didn't like it so she handed it straight to us. I absolutely love violet gins so I don't think this is going to last very long when I finally do start to drink it as it goes down too easily. Again this is a cheaper bottle so it doesn't matter about drinking it too fast as it doesn't break the bank to replace it. 

I will be completely honest here I actually bought this just because of the image on the bottle and because I finished off my uncles bottle of this. I wasn't too sure if I would like this so he let me try what he had left and I absolutely loved it so he went out and got me a bottle of my own which even came with a glass which makes it even better. I can't wait to crack this bottle open. 

Bombay Sapphire was actually the first gin I tried if I remember correctly as it was one of my uncles go to gin's for a long time. This is one I am running very low on as I tend to reach for it more often than any other bottle and again it goes down a bit too easily. It is safe to say this is a bottle I am always going to have in my collection as it is possibly one of my favourites and again can often be found on offer to make it a reasonable price. 

My Grandad has always joked around and called Liam the ginger ninja so when I was struggling to find him a Christmas present and I came across this gin there was no way I was leaving it behind. It was around £40 for this bottle but to us it was worth every penny as we both love it and I think it is another bottle we would happily repurchase. It tastes lovely plus the bottle looks amazing and there is a bit of a funny meaning behind it which makes it even better. 

This gin was actually left behind after a party we had a while back, my auntie and uncle had brought it with them and Liam really took a liking to it so they ended up saying we could have it. To be honest I haven't tried this at all but Liam seemed to really like it and I think I might end up giving it a try for myself soon. 

Our local farm shop were doing these flavoured gins a while back and I got given a pear drops one for Christmas. To be honest I find the pear drop sweets a bit hit and miss but this gin smells absolutely gorgeous so I will be getting straight into this when I have some plain tonic water. This is only a little bottle so I don't think it will be around for too long when I do start drinking it. 

The farm shop were also selling these Bronte gins and Liam's family got me a couple of the smaller bottles for Christmas the other year but I haven't got around to trying them just yet as I don't like having too many bottles open at once. I am looking forward to trying these though as I have been told they are really nice. 

When we were out drinking with my family one day we both ended up falling in love with the Bathtub gin, I aren't sure what made us love it so much but it was absolutely gorgeous and we happily stayed drinking it for a while. Liam's family then got us our own bottle for at home which again we are yet to break into but I am looking forward to starting this bottle. 

Liam got this spiced clementine gin from his family a while back but again we haven't got around to drinking this just yet. I think that I am going to be leaving this bottle for Liam to drink as I aren't really a fan of Spiced Clementine plus I wasn't really a fan of this when I smelt it. I think Liam is going to end up really enjoying this one though. 

Ah our first pink gin on the list and our only one. As I said earlier I really enjoy pink gins but they are really lacking in our collection. This bottle is one of our most recent additions and I am really looking forward to drinking it as it has been a while since I had a pink gin at home and this one smells really nice. 

This gin liqueur was another gift for Liam and it is a chocolate orange shimmer one. We haven't opened this one yet and I am not sure when we will be opening it as we are both a bit weary when it comes to how it is going to taste. We have opened it to smell it and it smells really strong and I just think it is going to be far too  sweet and sickly for my liking. I think Liam might enjoy it in small doses though and if not we will bring it out at parties.  

This is another bottle of gin I am really looking forward to cracking open due to its flavour. I am really looking forward to this as it is blackberry and raspberry and it smells absolutely gorgeous. This bottle was another gift and it ticks all the boxes for me with the flavours. Before we received this bottle I hadn't heard of this one before but I have a funny feeling this is going to be repurchased quite a bit.  

Finally we have my new favourite bottle of gin which I got in the summer and I am so glad we got it as it was perfect for the warm weather. This is the mango and lime gin and it is the perfect flavour combination. I had a fair few of these in the warmer weather and I am sure I will be having a fair few for the remainder of the year too as it is absolutely gorgeous.  This is a limited edition bottle so I am really hoping they do these again in the future otherwise I will have to get stocked up before they do stop selling it. 

If you enjoy a good gin & tonic I would definitely recommend giving a few of these a try if you can especially the Ginger Ninja or Whitley Neill Mango one as they are lovely and refreshing. Keep an eye on the blog as I will be doing a gin wish list in the near future as there is a local shop to me that has some absolutely fantastic gins that I really want to try. Some nights you just can't beat relaxing with a good gin & tonic especially if the weather is a bit warmer, I just need to educate myself on which tonic goes with which gin the best. What is your go to gin & tonic mix? 

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