September 2021 New In

Well remember last month when I said I shouldn't be spending that much in September due to my birthday... well that definitely didn't happen and I ended up spending just as much as usual, a fair bit went on drinks but others went on little treats for myself. I have started restocking my wardrobe for autumn and the colder months and I have just generally treated myself so here is what I purchased in September... 

As the weather gets colder you can't beat a good candle so I have made sure I have started buying some seasonal scents when I see them as last year I missed out on a lot. I ended up getting a few Wickford & Co ones from Home Bargains as they are really cheap but smell really strong. I opted for the Pumpkin Chai one for autumn and Mulled Wine for the winter. 

After seeing these Pumpkin mugs from Poundland on a lot of peoples Instagram accounts I just had to try get my hands on them. They have been hard to get hold of but luckily I managed to find two on a trip to the seaside and even Liam was impressed with them. For £1 each you can't go wrong. 

I have started to wear my Pandora charm bracelet a bit more recently so out of my birthday money I treated myself to this really cute Star Wars one which is Han and Leia. I love this one and it is the perfect addition to my collection that I am starting to build. I am really hoping that I can get a few more bits from their Star Wars range too. 

Liam snuck off after we got the Star Wars charm and he ended up getting me this gorgeous Stitch one as I couldn't decide between this one and the Star Wars one after the woman in the shop pointed it out. Anyone who knows me knows I love Stitch so this is the perfect addition. 

My love for Spider-Man has grown lately so I picked up this life story graphic novel as it just looks fantastic. This book isn't too thick and with it being graphics I should hopefully fly through it. I am hoping to get some more of the Marvel graphic novels over the coming months. 

My love for Spider-Man has come back thanks to me playing Miles Morales on the PS5. So when I saw this Mile Morales book which is a prequel to the game I knew I wasn't leaving without it. I am really looking forward to sitting down and reading through this because even if it is half as good as the game it is going to be great. 

Finally for the Spider-Man items we have the Darkest Hours omnibus book which features 3 stories which all sound brilliant. I will be sitting down to read this after Miles Morales and I am hoping the stories are as good as they sound. 

It has definitely been a book heavy month purchase wise as I try my best to get back into reading a bit more and thanks to Liam getting me the Killing Joke for my birthday when I saw they also had Mad Love I had to pick it up. Harley Quinn is one of my favourites from the DC world so again I am looking forward to sitting and reading this one. 

Because I had the Killing Joke and Mad Love I had to get the Court of Owls too to complete the 3, I will be honest it started out as me mainly loving the colours but now I can't wait to complete all 3 of the books, I am hoping that this one is as good as it sounds and brings my DC love back. 

I have been on the lookout for a nice new backpack for a while now and I ended up finding this one for just £3 in Primark. I like how smart this looks with the brown straps and it is quite a large backpack so should have plenty of space for everything I take up to work with me on a daily basis. 

My nephew has starting playing football and I always said that when he started I would buy him his first pair of boots. Well it turns out it is harder than you think to find boots to fit a 2 year old and we ended up settling on these Sondico astro boots and he looks great in them. 

With me starting to play football again too I needed to get myself a pair of boots and I ended up settling on these Adidas ones. It seems like even after all this time away from playing my love for bright stand out football boots is still there and I love these ones. Although we have changed pitches now and I need to find another pair that suits the playing surface. 

I also needed to get some football socks to cover my shin pads whilst I was playing and luckily Sports Direct still do their 2 for £5 offer. I should have checked the label though as I wanted black socks and I ended up with navy ones. 

I needed some more clothing for working out and playing football too so I picked up this Manchester United sweatshirt for just £17 but now I think I am going to save it for lounging and going to the football in as it is really comfortable and seems to nice to actually train in. This is really good quality and is part of a previous seasons training range. 

When I got the sweatshirt I also ended up paying £30 for this Manchester United coat. Again this was for outdoor workouts and playing football but after trying it on I think it could easily be used for everyday now as I love it. 

I also ended up getting a pair of Manchester United touchscreen gloves as my previous Under Armour ones had started to fall apart and I was struggling to find a replacement pair. Thanks to me having Raynauds I know I am going to get plenty of use out of these. 

I am trying to move away from wearing sneakers all the time and I wanted to purchase a pair of Chelsea boots that weren't suede so I could wear them in all weathers. I found this pair in Primark for just £12 and they fit perfect and are surprisingly comfortable. Now I just need to find a brown pair. 

On a trip to a designer outlet we stumbled across a store that had Weekend Offender clothing really cheap and honestly didn't expect to come out with anything however, this light blue t-shirt jumped straight out at me and at £9 I wasn't leaving it. I can see this being styled well for autumn. 

Did I need another pair of checked pants? Definitely not but when my mum pointed these ones in Matalan out to me I knew I had to buy them for work and going out in. These were £16 and are really soft so are really comfortable and they also fit me really nicely as they aren't too fitted. They also have an elasticated waistband so are perfect for me at the moment as I am in between sizes. 

I was in desperate need of a new smart coat as my old Next one was starting to hang off me. So I went looking in H&M and came across this one for just £18 and to make it even better I had a 25% off voucher so I ended up getting it for £13 making it an absolute bargain. I can't wait to wear this over the coming months as it looks brilliant. 

The men's department in Primark finally started putting their jumpers out and I had to pick up this thick grey one for work and dressing a bit smarter in the colder weather. At just £10 I like to get stocked up on these and they really do keep me warm. I think I am going to keep my eye out for more colours on future trips too. 

I also got this thinner lighter coloured jumper for the same reasons as the above. Again last year I got stocked up on these last year but I am determined to add even more colours this year as towards the end of autumn and into winter I lived in these. 

I also ended up getting the lighter coloured jumper in maroon as this is a colour I love for the colder months and I already have plenty of outfits in mind for it. I just love how these fit and for the price if they only last a year due to my weight loss I don't really mind. 

Finally we have this H&M blazer which shocked me as it was only £24.99. As soon as I tried this blazer on I fell in love with it and I am now on the hunt for it in other colours as I love it that much. I wanted to add a blazer to my wardrobe for autumn and winter and this one ticked all the boxes for me. I have already worn it once and everyone loved it so lets hope I get to wear it a whole lot more. 

I am hoping in October I aren't spending half as much as I did in September as I honestly don't really need that much plus I want to try get most of my Christmas shopping done and out of the way whilst I am seeing things for people. So fingers crossed next month this post is a whole lot smaller. 

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