Favourite Autumn Outfits For Work At The Moment As I Play Around With My Style A Bit More

Autumn is my favourite time of the year for a lot of reasons but one of the main reasons is that I can actually dress for the correct weather when I go to work. With me working in a really old building it is cold all year round which makes summer a bit harder as you can be dressed to be warm whilst outside then absolutely freeze by the time you get inside the office. The amount of times I have stupidly forgot this and have headed to work in shorts and a t-shirt is unreal really but at least in autumn I am covered for the cold and can easily adapt if it does warm up with the heating being switched on. Over the years I have been back in the office I have definitely experimented with my style a fair bit to find what works for me and my environment and what doesn't. So here are my favourite outfits to wear to the office as the autumn season gets into full swing...

First up we have one of my favourites from last year, I didn't really bother with chunky knit jumpers in the past however, last year I found one from Primark for around the £10 mark and I absolutely fell in love with it. It is a bit of a chunky knit whilst not being too thick which makes it perfect whilst it isn't still too cold outside and can be rather mild at times. I loved this so much I have actually picked up a few others in different colours and am still on the hunt for more. This is the perfect thickness and length and can be styled up or down depending on my mood that day. For work I tend to team it up with some plain black jeans that are either slim fit or skinny as they look smart but casual. When it comes to footwear with this outfit I will either wear some nice clean white sneakers or my Converse depending on what mood I am in. I think I might even give this outfit a go with my Vans this year too. 

When it isn't as cold I will go for something a little lighter but still on the smart casual side. You will have noticed on the blog the past few this year that this look has been one of my go to ones for a variety of seasons. The grey checked pants just give me a different options as opposed to wearing jeans 24/7 and they are really comfortable. They are really simple to style too as I just throw on a slim or regular fit black t-shirt on with these pants and a bit of jewellery and we have the perfect smart casual look plus if it gets a bit too cold I just throw on a jacket to give me that extra bit of warmth. I love to wear these again with some nice white sneakers but I much prefer this look when I have my Vans classics on. After looking through my wardrobe recently I think it is safe to say I will be wearing checked pants quite often.

 Finally we have a pretty new discovery which I came across towards the end of last year and I was on countdown to be able to wear this again. I had never even considered a long sleeved polo shirt before however, I won a competition and received a £100 BoohooMan gift card and after searching for a while I came across this long sleeved polo shirt with a 1/4 zip. I absolutely love this polo shirt as it now fits me really nice and is really soft and comfortable making wearing it for hours on end perfectly fine. I got this in a maroon and camel colour to give me options for work and now I am on the look out for other colours too. These are a nice and smart alternative to the work polo shirts we could also opt for plus it is a whole lot warmer. I team this up with some skinny black jeans and my Vans but I am going to be playing around with these tops over the next few months to see what other outfit combinations I can create with them. 

I am really looking forward to coming up with different outfit combinations over the next few months or so as I can make the most out of my wardrobe and experiment with my style that bit more too. Plus getting ready in a morning during the autumn is always a much more enjoyable experience for me as I can really think about the layers I am adding and play about with my wardrobe that little bit more. Plus autumn is just overall the best time of year really in so many ways. 

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