Trying To Get The Workout Motivation Back : My Current Training Plan

 Here we go again, I have once again changed up my training routine to make sure I am getting back on track and making the most of my time. I no longer work with a PT and my days are slowing down a little bit more too which means I can finally try to get back into some routine which I haven't had for a long time now. I am hoping this training plan is going to be something that I can really stick to and is going to help me form a routine that I can stick to and see the benefits of. So here is the plan that is going to be the same week in week out...

Monday for me is weigh in day and I am going to stick to this weekly so I have a clear indication of my progress rather than checking weekly or every now and then. I am hoping a weekly weigh in on a specific day will show me more progress and also motivate me that bit more. Monday nights are now relatively free other than doing the food shop after work that is why instead of just lounging around I am going to make sure I get in at least 30 minutes of a weights session just to try improve on my strength. I then want to make sure I get another 30 minutes on the exercise bike just to get a bit of a cardio session in. 

Tuesdays are the day where I want to make sure I am getting up nice and early to complete a YouTube workout or a workout on the Nintendo Switch. This could just be another 30 minutes or so before work but again at least it is getting me moving and getting some form of exercise in. On a Tuesday after work I either go to see my grandparents or go to the football so either after my grandparents or before my trip to watch the football I again want to do 30 minutes to an hour on the exercise bike again to make sure I am getting that cardio in. 

Wednesday's are possibly my favourite day as it is boxing day. It is just an hours session after work but I feel so good after this. I am aiming to get to as many Wednesday sessions as possible to really help improve my fitness. Again I want to make sure I am also getting in 30 minutes to an hour on the exercise bike in the morning before work as the bike is something I really enjoy. 

Thursday's are going to be very similar to my Tuesday's with them being another early start to fit in another YouTube or Switch workout to really get my day going. On a Thursday evening I really don't have anything planned so that is when I want to spend an hour on the bike whilst either watching some YouTube or TV to get a solid hour of cardio in and really feel the benefit in my legs.

Friday is the day where I am planning to have a bit of a lie in for a change so I don't have to rush to get to work. Then on a Friday evening I have an hour playing 5 a side football as often as I possibly can. This is definitely one of the most demanding things of the week so I just block this day out so that football is the only exercise I am doing that day. Once I am home from football it is time for a cold bath followed by trying to fix my legs with the massage gun. 

I like to think of Saturday as a bit of a recovery day especially if I have made it to football the day before. I will be making sure I am up and on the bike for an hour for a steady recovery cardio session to get my legs loosened back up again after football. I am hoping that by doing this my legs will feel a lot fresher than previously and it will just stop any excess aches. Whenever I also get a spare 5 minutes I will be aiming to do another 30 minutes weight session just so that I can have a bit of an extra session working on my strength because it definitely needs to be improved. 

Ah Sunday's the day of rest, or at least most people use it as that. I am determined to use my Sunday mornings to get out on a walk that is roughly 5km each morning just to get out in the fresh air and get my steps up. I loved going on walks with Liam earlier on in the year so I am really hoping we can get back into these weekly. After I have got any blogging out of the way or any trip to watch the football I then want to get another 30 minutes to an hour in on the bike just to finish the week off. 

I am really hoping that seeing my weeks mapped out and what I have coming up is going to help me stick to a routine and get back on track like I should have been doing for so long but have definitely neglected. Let's hope I can develop some healthy habits and continue them, maybe having everything written down like this is going to really help motivate me as I can keep records of things I am doing and see what I am completing and what I am missing. Let's really hope this training plan works for me as at the moment nothing seems to be working to gain me some extra motivation. 

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