Footwear Essentials For Autumn

Autumn is the time of year where I have found footwear is a big part of any outfit. Not only could the wrong footwear ruin an outfit that you have spent time planning for but it could also lead to a pair of perfectly good footwear being ruined and ending up with your feet being completely soaked, trust me I have been in that situation a whole lot more than I wish to admit. Plus as I have also learnt the hard way that wearing the wrong type of footwear can also lead to slips especially if you are heading near those wet leaves that are everywhere this time of year. That is why these days I save some footwear just for autumn and here are the footwear choices that I tend to reach for throughout the autumn months... 

White Sneakers 

I love to wear plain white sneakers all year around however, in autumn I like to know I have quite a few pairs to hand that are nice and clean as I have found with the way my style is lately and especially in the autumn months the best footwear option 90% of the time is a nice pair of clean white sneakers. They are weatherproof which is great for where I live and they are comfortable for long days out or if I am going to be on my feet a lot. I just have to make sure they are clean because there is nothing worse than a dirty pair of sneakers in my eyes, it just totally ruins an outfit. My go to pairs are either my Nike Air Force 1's or my River Island ones that have some extra detailing on.

As I have said before on other blog posts I went off Converse for a while but now I am definitely getting back into them. I think they give off a great style when paired up with certain items in my wardrobe especially with my jumpers and bomber jackets to give the look a little bit of a varsity look. Converse are what I tend to wear when it is a little bit dryer outside as I am definitely too afraid to ruin them however, with a little bit of Crep Protect they are certainly safe to wear in the wet too. I can't wait to style some outfits based around my Converse over the next few month. 

Just like with Converse, Vans are another footwear choice that I opt to wear when it is a bit dryer however, again a bit of Crep Protect should help give these a bit more protection. This is actually my first Autumn with my Vans Old Skool's and I am really looking forward to piecing outfits together based on this footwear as it is just a nice classic silhouette that is smarter than a pair of standard sneakers. I can see these working perfectly with my jeans or checked pants and a number of other items in my wardrobe. 

Chelsea Boots
My go to footwear for when I need to dress a whole lot smarter is definitely Chelsea Boots, I own numerous pairs of these in different colours and materials and they are just a great alternative to sneakers and certainly dress up an outfit a whole lot more. For me the problem with Chelsea boots is the grip they offer however, as I only tend to wear them when it is dry or when I am going to an event I don't really have to worry about it too much. I really would love to wear them a bit more often though. 

Lace Up Boots
Lace up boots are a style of boots that I used to absolutely love however, I just haven't found the perfect pair lately but I am on the lookout. In autumn lace up boots seem to go with everything and can completely alter an outfits overall look to make it look a bit smarter or a bit more casual in my opinion. One of my favourite types of these boots are definitely Dr Martens and I am very tempted to purchase a pair of these for my own wardrobe in the near future as I think they would look great with my jeans and jumpers I reach for the most. 

Ah a style of footwear I haven't owned since I was a kid up until last year when I finally decided it was time to purchase a pair for any walks I go on, walking to work in the bad weather and going out with my nephew to things like pumpkin picking. I was getting sick of my white sneakers and other footwear getting ruined so I ended up getting a cheap pair from my local Sports Direct and they have been a life saver. I think it is safe to say as I head out on more walks this year this style of footwear is going to be worn much more often and again if I do wear these a fair bit I am tempted to upgrade to a better pair in the near future.

How can I write a post about footwear essentials for autumn without including slippers. I live in my slippers during autumn as I can't cope with the cold floor when I am walking round our house and with me spending more time at home during autumn a good pair of slippers is essential for me. I always have them by the door ready to just slip straight on. I tend just to get the £4 ones from Primark which last me a whole year so are definitely a bargain, plus they are nice and comfortable when I am up and down the stairs all the time. 

So there you go those are my go to footwear options for the autumn months, I have found over recent years that footwear really can make or break an outfit so that is now why I spend so much time making sure I get it right. Lets hope that I can pick up some pairs I have missing and upgrade what I currently have very soon so all my outfits look well put together over the next few months, some of these will be great for the winter and during other seasons too so it is a win, win situation really. 

What is your go to footwear for autumn? 

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