What I Wore For My Birthday

 There was one thing I was dreading about my birthday... what to wear. I have gained a bit of weight back lately so my confidence had taken a bit of a knock but after a few outfit changes whilst I was packing my bags I managed to settle on an outfit for the evening in Manchester that I was actually happy with. Then when it came to my party on the Saturday I had told all my family to dress up a little bit as it was the first real celebration together since the pandemic so I wanted to make a little more effort. I then realised after saying this I was actually lacking in smarter clothing but luckily I managed to piece something together from my wardrobe for the day. So here is what I wore on my birthday, on the actual day and for my party on the Saturday...

To travel to Manchester and do some shopping I literally just threw on a pair of grey jeans and my black Vans t-shirt because I knew that I would be more comfortable in this for walking around for hours in and out of shops. To be honest that combination of clothing is one of my go to combinations at the moment as the grey jeans are straight fit so are more comfortable than my skinny ones and the Vans t-shirt is a bit over sized now so it is a win, win really as it was warm on the day but the t-shirt kept me a bit cooler. 

Once shopping was done it was a case of heading back to the room to get changed ready for food and drinks for the evening. This is where I was struggling for my outfit as I wanted to go for a smart casual look but I was struggling to find something in my wardrobe in the end I opted for my black skinny smart cargo pants, a plain t-shirt and a red flannel shirt open over the top. I have found that even after all these years this is still one of my favourite outfit combinations and I am actually so glad I opted for this outfit as I wasn't too warm or too cold all evening. I wish I had looked a bit smarter but for now this outfit combinations treats me well and I think it is one I will be reaching for over and over again. Look how smart Liam looks though in his Navy H&M shirt and grey jeans. 

For my birthday party after searching for ages for an outfit to wear I ended up settling on a shirt and skinny jeans. I struggled for ages to find a shirt that actually buttoned up but finally settled on this striped KemxPrimark one that I hadn't actually worn yet. To say this only cost me £1 it was actually really comfortable and I think suited me whilst making a nice change to what I would normally wear. I think it looked really nice with the black skinny jeans too and I am oping I can get plenty more wear out of this as for £1 it was an absolute bargain.

So there you have it that is what I wore whilst celebrating my birthday. After the struggles that I have had finding outfits for this occasion and the fact the seasons are changing I think it is definitely time that I sort through my wardrobe and actually have a clear out of what I no longer like or no longer fits so that I no longer have this struggle and have clothes that I am happy to wear whenever. Let's hope once the wardrobe is sorted getting ready and planning outfits gets much easier. 

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