Fitness Equipment I Want To Purchase In The Near Future

I have a few wobbles fitness and weight loss wise this year and I am not impressed with myself as instead of dropping off the weight is creeping back on. I want to try get back on track though as I know what I am capable of when I put my mind to it and I am hoping that by Christmas I can be comfortably in the 14 stone bracket rather than the high 15's. I know that if I put my mind to it I can definitely do it and I think I need to change my routine up a little bit to ensure I remain focused rather than bored. So today's post is all about the bits I want to purchase that will help me change my routine up a little bit alongside making me feel a bit more comfortable doing so. There are clothing items in this post and equipment for training so here are the items I want to pick up in the very near future to help me get back on track with my fitness and weight loss journey... 

Nike Dri Fit Academy Shorts 

I am back to playing football once a week currently and I am also still boxing once a week so I need more clothing. I have noticed that my gym wardrobe is lacking in certain areas and the main area is shorts so I definitely need to start purchasing a few more pairs soon. I am hoping that these will be suitable for both football and boxing because if they are I will be treating myself to a few pairs and getting stocked up. 

Nike Dri Fit Academy Tracksuit 

I doubt this would be worn for boxing but a tracksuit like this could come in very handy for football especially as the temperatures begin to drop. This could be worn for any football sessions I get to alongside any outdoor training I decide to do as I finally want to make use out of our garden and get plenty of workouts done outdoors in any weather just to change things up a bit. I am also hoping to get out walking a whole lot more in the near future so I think this could come in very handy for that too. It is on the more expensive side for a tracksuit but if it does the job I will happily get stocked up on them. 

Air Zoom Pegasus 38 

These are definitely an expensive item at over £100 however, I am determined to get Liam to head out running with me again and I need some suitable footwear for that to happen. From when I did fitfans and actually did a little bit of jogging it has motivated me but I refuse to go on my own in case anything happens with my knee. So fingers crossed I can get Liam on board and running with me as I think it is something we could both really enjoy. If we do make the decision to go running or even walking more these will definitely be purchased as the colourway is just amazing. 

Slalom Poles

I used to love using Slalom poles in football training and when we moved into our house I wanted some but still to this day I haven't made the purchase. I am hoping to add these to my outdoor training set up by the end of the year though, who knows I might even ask for some for Christmas. I really benefited from using these in the past so fingers crossed incorporating these into my routine again will bring some fun to my workouts.  


Again these are something else I used to love when I was at football in the past, having these as part of a training session really gets your legs working and I would love to own a set for at home or for taking to a local field to train with. These can be bought relatively cheap so might be one of the first items I pick up and can be used for various different training drills. I think if I got these they could become an integral part of my outdoor workouts. 

Basketball Hoop

Now this final item is something I have wanted for a long time now and I am really hoping that by the end of the year I have one. My love for basketball has really grown this year so I want to get a basketball hoop for in the garden so I can just go out and play basketball for a few hours each week. I would love one of these portable ones so I can just move it around as needed and I can see me getting lost for hours with it. The one I have seen that is likely to be purchased is pretty cheap too so it is a bit of a win,win situation. 

Fingers crossed I can get some of these items by Christmas and possibly in the next month or so as I really think they could help bring some motivation back for my fitness and weight loss journey which is definitely needed as I want to start heading back in the right direction once again. I am sick of ruining all my hard work... it is time to get back on track, change up the clothing and the workouts and fingers crossed it will work. 

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