Packing For A Long Weekend Away


The other week me and my whole family spent the bank holiday weekend glamping and it was absolutely fantastic (full post coming soon on what we got up to) however, due to us not going away for quite a while when it came to actually packing for the trip it was a bit of a struggle and my mind actually went blank on what I needed for the long weekend away? I know I certainly won't be alone in this either and others will be in the same position due to the lack of travelling that has been happening lately so I thought I would put this post together to show what I took away for the trip that was 3 nights and 4 days. It took me a good hour to actually pack my bag as the UK weather has been so hit and miss lately so I wanted to make sure every  possibility was covered and it is a good job I did as the days were fairly nice but the evenings got very cold. So here is what I ended up settling on packing... 

Lounge wear 

I knew that this holiday would involve quite a bit of lounging around especially on a morning and an evening so I made sure that I had plenty of lounge wear in my bag. This mainly consisted of tracksuit bottoms and over sized hoodies but you can't beat over sized clothing for lounging around in. This choice of clothing came in handy for when the nephew wanted to play cricket or football too as I was comfy and not ruining my best clothes.

Warm Pyjamas 

This is an essential if you are glamping as sometimes those pods just don't get warm. I am used to sleeping shorts and t-shirts but for the trip I made sure I packed those and a warmer option just in case the temperature dropped and it certainly did just that. It was freezing on a night so the warm option was used and I was nice and cosy on a night rather than absolutely freezing. 

Jeans & Shorts

With us not really knowing what the weather was going to be like I made sure to have a few pair of jeans in my bag alongside a few pair of shorts so that I was covered for both the hot and cold weather. To be honest I mainly wore my shorts for this trip so I am glad I packed more of these than anything else but the jeans did come in handy for an evening trip to the seaside and travelling to and from the holiday just to smarten myself up for a bit when calling into other places. 


I packed plenty of t-shirt options, I had ones for lounging in and ones for going out in and it was nice to have options for each occasion. I took some plain t-shirts and some printed ones so I always had the perfect outfit combination no matter what style I wanted to go for on that day. I also made sure some of my t-shirts were over sized so that I could be more comfortable just sat around. 

Hoodies & Jackets 

This is the area I struggled in the most when it came to packing as I didn't want to take too many options but at the same time I wanted to make sure I had everything covered. I made sure to pack a thin wind breaker just for any light showers and just as a small extra layer if it was cold but not too cold. I made sure that I had a thicker coat with me too just in case the weather really changed and I needed to have something a bit warmer especially with us going to the seaside a few times. I also made sure I had plenty of hoodies with me for an evening and if it was on the cooler side. It is safe to say I would rather wear a hoodie than a jacket so I like to have plenty of options. 

Slides & Sneakers 

Of course I took a few pairs of sneakers with me but this time I limited to one low pair and one hi-top pair. Both these pairs were all white Nike ones so I knew they would easily go with any outfit combination I put together. They are both really comfortable too so I knew they would be fine for any longer walks or if I was just going to be on my feet for a long time. I also made sure I had my slides with me for lounging in and also for any beach trips. 


This is often what I forget so this time I triple checked I had everything, any medication I needed, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel and hair product. Actually having everything with me in one bag made getting ready so much easier and quicker and I am just glad I didn't forget anything this time. 

I am hoping that having this post will help me when it comes to packing for future trips too as I am a nightmare for panicking that I have forgot something and quite a few times in the past I have actually gone away and forgot certain items. Fingers crossed having this post on here for me to revert back to will help me pack for future trips and I will be well prepared for going away in the future. What are the main things you pack for a long weekend away? 

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