What I Got For My 27th Birthday

 Well that is my birthday wrapped up for another year and what a fantastic few days it has been celebrating with family. It is safe to say I have been well and truly spoiled this year and here is a look at what I got. Remember this post isn't for bragging it is just something for me to look back at on in the future which I love to do. My family very kindly gifted me money for my trip to Manchester however, when I got there I didn't end up getting anything as they didn't actually have what I wanted which is a bit annoying so I am still on the look out for those bits. But here is what I got for my 27th birthday...

I aren't really sure why but I have started drinking rose wine lately and have been loving it after all this time avoiding wine. My grandparents got me this bottle of wine which I have never tried before and it is safe to say I can't wait to have a glass or two of this soon. 

My auntie and uncle got me this really cute Percy Pig tin filled with biscuits that the nephew tucked into straight away. Too be honest I have never really got the Percy Pig hype that we have in the UK but these biscuits are gorgeous. I am sure they won't last long and the tin will be used for extra storage very soon. 

If you know me you know just how much I love football and my auntie and uncle got me this perfect Gazza t-shirt which I can't wait to wear. Gazza is one of my all time favourite players and this t-shirt has the perfect print on it. Will it be saved for lounging and gaming in or am I going to be confident to go out in it? Only time will tell I guess. 

My parents made me this hamper filled with various snacks and drinks for me which range from healthy to not so healthy. These are going to come in very handy for my autumn gaming sessions and blogging sessions as I am always on the hunt for a snacks and having a healthy option is always super handy. 

The parents also got me this brilliant Nickelodeon t-shirt which features all my favourite characters on from my childhood. They only really got it due to my nephew pointing out Spongebob on it but it also has the Rugrats on it which is fantastic as I absolutely love that show. I can't wait to wear this one. 

They also got me this really cute Pikachu mug which I love and can't wait to use although it does look like a strange shape to drink out of. I can just imagine being laid on the sofa in the autumn playing Let's Go Pikachu with a hot chocolate in this. Isn't it funny though how it is my parents who say I don't need any more mugs ended up buying me yet another. Normally I would have this on display but it is too nice not to get use out of. 

My parents are definitely a big reason I am so into my sport and they got me a these brilliant sports related coasters which are actually too good to use as coasters and will be getting put up on display in the spare room / office area. I absolutely love the Bradford Bulls rugby one and the Manchester United one is going to look perfect with my Manchester United art prints. Then we have the retro Bradford City badge one which will be pride of place with my other Bradford City images. 

They also got me this meal planner to help me stay on track with my eating as I am trying to lose weight and falling off track a lot recently so I am hoping that this meal plan helps get me back on the right track and helps me stop giving in and just ordering a takeaway 80% of the time. 

Finally the got me one of my favourite scents, I absolutely love this one and I have even been known to spray it around rooms in the house just to make sure I can smell it more. I think I now have 4 bottles of this so I am happy and well stocked up. 

Me and my nephew often pretend to do the Donald Duck voice and it is something we have done since he was really little (he is now 2) so my sister and nephew got me this Donald Duck t-shirt which I am sure I will be wearing this t-shirt around the nephew a lot and it is a little over sized so it will be great for lounging in. 

I don't think my sister realised this before buying me this pen but I absolutely love colour changing pens these days and use them daily, at work and for the blog. I just find it so much easier for making notes etc as I am not constantly having to change my pen just to have a different colour. 

She also got me a few puzzle books which are going to be great for helping me relax on an evening rather than always being busy blogging. I can't wait to sit and give these a go especially the Sudoku as I used to absolutely love doing those and it will be a nice change of pace. 

My nephew got me this coaster which is certainly going pride of place on one of my desks as a reminder of what he got me. 

I am going through a bit of a stage at the moment where I can't stop buying candles and I had my eye on this Halloween one I actually had it in my basket the other day and was told to put it back and now I see why as my sister got me it for my birthday. This smells absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to light it. 

Is it your birthday if you don't get a Lynx set? My sister got me my favourite Lynx set and I am so glad as I had just run out of it. This smells gorgeous and is great for after workouts as it is so refreshing, this is the one Lynx set I love to keep stocked up on. 

One of my birthday presents from Liam was a meal at Hard Rock Cafe and he treated me to a cocktail which obviously meant getting it in the collectors glass. They unfortunately didn't have the hurricane glass the cocktail came in so I ended up walking away with a new pint glass. 

Liam also got me a new book which I can't wait to read. He ended up getting me The Killing Joke which seems amazing and he already has this as a graphic novel so I can't wait to dive right in and read this. I might even steal his graphic novel version after, Batman is a super hero I have always had an interest in but never had books of so I am looking forward to starting this. 

You are going to notice a bit of a theme from Liam's gifts and I am so glad we found these. Since playing the PS4 game and Miles Morales I am a bit hooked on Spider-Man but merchandise was hard to come by whilst we were out shopping. He did manage to pick me up this brilliant little soft toy though which I think is going to sit pride of place on my desk.

I realised I didn't have the Far From Home DVD in my collection either and to be honest I haven't actually watched this one yet so I can't wait to sit down and finally see what it is all about. The Spider-Man hype is definitely real in our house at the moment. 

Whilst getting Far From Home it also dawned on me that I had a few other Spider-Man DVD's missing so he also got me the 5 movie collection set which is going to be perfect for those cold evenings as autumn approaches. I think these are going to be films I binge watch and then revisit every few months as you just can't beat Spider-Man films can you?

I really wanted to try get as many Spider-Man Funko's as possible whilst we were out but I could only find the one Miles Morales one that Liam very kindly bought me for my birthday. I absolutely love this one and can't wait to hopefully see my Spider-Man Funko collection grow soon. 

Finally we have the present I knew I was getting for months and couldn't wait to receive. When Life is Strange True Colors was announced Liam agreed to get me it immediately as he know how much I love Life is Strange but the wait for the release seemed to last forever. It was released the day after my birthday though and he got me it straight away... now I just need to find some time to play it.

So there you have it that is what I got for my 27th birthday, I can't wait to play the game and read my new book and sit and watch the films. It is safe to say it was a very good birthday and I am very grateful for everything I received but the best part was certainly the family time. What would be your favourite item from this post? 

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