August 2021 Favourites

How is August over and done with already? I seem to be blinking and the years if flying by and it isn't going to be long until we are entering 2022 which seems a bit strange. Summer is basically over now and we are heading towards autumn which I can't wait for as I much prefer it being a bit colder as my style works so much better for this and it is generally just a much better time for me. Anyway August has been a pretty good month and it has been a busy one which has been both good and a little annoying but here are my favourites from the month... 


Working On My Outfits

One of my favourite things to do this month has been to actually spend some time planning my outfits rather than just throwing on any old clothing together and looking like I got dressed in the dark. I think this is going to be a habit that ends up sticking too as I am enjoying using a Sunday or an evening just getting everything put together right down to the small details. It has also made getting ready so much easier as I am no longer spending ages hunting for what to wear each morning. It is like I am taking more pride in my appearance and I love it. I can't wait to get all my autumn & winter clothes out and start planning outfits for those seasons. 


Having Some Me Time

Something I have neglected for so long is having some me time. I got to the stage where I was approaching burn out as I just never had a break, I was working then going home to work on the blog and repeating the process and to be honest it just wasn't healthy at all. That is why I have started making more time from myself whether it is some time away from my phone and PC to go to the football or boxing or just sitting and binge watching TV it is just giving me a break and it is so refreshing the next day. I have even managed to make time to get back to playing my video games too which has been great. Let's hope I can keep this up. 


Getting Things Done 
 August has definitely been the month of getting things done especially when it comes to the house. For so long we were delaying getting quotes for jobs and actually doing things we really needed to. In August though work finally started on moving the dryer and getting the loft done so we could actually access it and store items in it. This now means we can go room by room and put things into storage at long last. We have also gone around and cleared out some room and changed some decor to make it just as we wanted rather than rushed like when we moved in. We even sat and made a list of other jobs we want to get done before the end of the year which is great. 

Health & fitness

One thing that is still a favourite for me in August is boxing, to be honest I still can't really believe that I actually started going earlier this year as my previous confidence levels wouldn't have allowed me but now it is one of my favourite things to do each week. I have suffered a bit of an injury though in August so I didn't get to go as much as usual but the times I have been I have loved it and look forward to my next session. It might leave my body aching for days but it is definitely worth it. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from August. What are your favourites from August 2021?

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