My Current Favourite Autumn Outfits

It is finally my favourite time of the year... Autumn. I love it when this time of the year arrives as it means I can finally wear my favourite outfits and layer up which just so happens to be my favourite thing to do. During summer I will just wear shorts and any random t-shirt however, when autumn arrives it is time for me to put a bit more effort into my outfit planning as I have more styles I want to achieve plus I own more clothing suitable for this season over any others. I have realised over the recent years I tend to opt for two styles a lot more than others in the colder weather and I just adapt them a bit to feature different items so here are two of my current favourite outfits for autumn...

This simple hoodie outfit is definitely one of my favourites especially on those cooler days where you don't need too many layers however, this can be adapted to include another layer if really needed. I own a lot of hoodies at the moment and admittedly I probably have too many but one of my go to hoodies is this blue Champion one as it just adds a bit of colour to my wardrobe as opposed to the other black and grey ones I own. I team this up with a pair of black jeans and white sneaker and in my eyes I have the perfect outfit for those cooler autumn days, if it does drop a bit colder though I just throw on a windbreaker over the hoodie to give me a bit of rain protection and an extra layer. I love how this outfit combination looks and I can see it is one I reach for on those casual laid back days just nipping out of the house for a bit. 

Next up we have a bit more of a smarter outfit which I have found is good for shopping, going out for drinks and those days where I just want to make a bit more of an effort. I have found this outfit is one for the colder days too as the thicker layers just keep me that little bit warmer however, it is not too good if I get caught in a downpour. I love how much smarter this outfit looks rather than just throwing on a hoodie I put on a thick sweatshirt, this one is my Tommy Jeans one which fits great and is nice and warm. I team the sweatshirt up with my favourite Original Penguin bomber jacket and a pair of skinny jeans and this time instead of sneakers I add my classic black & white Converse which just flow nicely with this outfit and give it a bit more of a varsity look. I think this is possibly my favourite outfit out of the two in this post as it is just that bit smarter and I think it looks better on me than the other. 

Later on this season I will do an updated version of this as no doubt I will have discovered many other outfits over the coming weeks and my favourite outfits will have change 101 times to suit the styles I am going for and the mood I am in. But for now these are my favourite outfits that no doubt I will be getting a lot of wear out of. 

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