My Current Weekend Routine When There Is No Football


It is a rare occurrence these days where both me and Liam have a full weekend at home with nothing to do as normally he is at work on a Saturday morning or we have football either just on a Saturday or Sunday or on both days. Since lockdown has been lifted here in the UK our lives have definitely got a lot busier and whilst it is good to be back doing things it is hard to keep up and sometimes I would much rather be stuck in doing nothing like I have for the past year or so even if it is just a weekend each month that would be fantastic and a much needed breather. Today's post is a look at a typical weekend if there is no football at all and Liam is actually off work, these are ideal for me at the moment as they can be really productive but also pretty relaxing too, so here is how one of those kinds of weekends looks for us at the moment...

Saturday usually starts off nice and slow with us both having a much needed lie in, I am usually up before Liam but the slow start to the day definitely kicks off the tone of the weekend. Once we are both up and ready to start the day we will head down to make some breakfast, Saturday's normal consist of fried egg bagels which are super quick and easy to make so don't take up too much time and doesn't require much cleaning after either. Once breakfast is done it is usually these Saturday's where we bulk take blog pictures so we gather everything together and head to the back garden to take any outfit pictures needed, once these are done Liam heads off to do his own thing and I will head inside to take any other images I need such a product pictures. It is nice just having a few hours to get these done and out of the way. 

Saturday's like this is usually when Bradford City are playing away so I will switch the radio on ready for the 3pm kick off and listen to the build up to the game and the game when it kicks off. It is normally when I am listening to the football that I will upload any of the pictures I have taken so I am ready to get cracking on with those blog posts. Unfortunately our internet isn't very good so I can just about get 4 sets uploaded by the time the football is finished any others I do another do. Once I have done with uploading the pictures I will write my weekly blog to do lists, I have one for each blog that runs from Sunday to Saturday so I like to write them on a Saturday so on a Sunday I can hit the ground running and just get plenty done. If I have time I will then make a start on a blog post or two whilst catching up on my YouTube subscription box, I normally do this until 9 or 10pm and then I head to bed to get plenty of sleep which I have been lacking lately. 

Sunday's are a day where a bit of everything happens really. Because I had a lie in on the Saturday on a Sunday I just get up nice and early leaving Liam in bed. This is my quiet time where I will finish off anything blog wise from the Saturday and maybe start a few new pieces if I have a chance. It is then a case of having another cooked breakfast before cracking on with the day properly. Once we have done with breakfast we will do any tidying up or cleaning that is needed just so we are going into Monday with a nice clean house. Once any cleaning is done it is one of my favourite times.. gaming time, this is when I spend sometime playing through my backlog of games on the PlayStation or Xbox. I normally play my games for a few hours until I have my dinner then it is time to switch back to the PC to watch the latest Sidemen upload whilst checking my social media which I don't really use as much on a weekend. Once I am all caught up on the Sidemen I will then head for a nice long bath just to unwind then I will plan out my outfits for the week ahead before finally heading off to sleep. 

I am really hoping that as the weather changes we get a whole lot more of these weekends together as those cosy autumn days in the games room are fantastic. Fingers crossed we can get the games room done by the time this rolls around too as I can just image nice cosy days blogging or gaming in a nice new room suited better to our needs and taste. I am definitely more into a more relaxed pace of life these days due to the lockdown and what I got used to. Don't get me wrong I love going to the football but sometimes I need to switch off and I am learning that now. 

What does a typical weekend look like for you? 

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