My Current Go To My Protein Items

When I started my fitness and weight loss journey I started to purchase products I had never used before so I wanted to purchase them from a company with a good reputation. That is why for anything supplement related I headed straight to MyProtein after receiving a lot of recommendations saying their products were great. I purchased my order and I never looked back and have made many repeat orders since to help me along with my journey. I even started purchasing clothing and accessories from there rather than just sticking to Gymshark all the time and I was pleasantly surprised by what they had to offer. Over my time purchasing from MyProtein I have developed some favourite products which I always reorder when I am running low so here are my favourite items to purchase from the MyProtein site...

Cranberry & Raspberry Clear Whey

I always wanted to incorporate protein shakes into my diet however if I was mixing the normal whey they do with water or milk my stomach wasn't a fan and just rejected it. A few people recommended the MyProtein clear whey to me as it was more of a juice than a shake and I am so glad that they did as it is great and I am finally able to add more protein to my diet without feeling awful after it. My go to flavour has certainly been the cranberry and raspberry one but I definitely want to try more of the flavours they offer as they spoil us for choice with their variety. 

Baked Cookie

It took a while for me to actually try some of the food items out they they had to offer but once I did I got hooked. I have tried various snacks including crisps and protein bars but the one that I always go back for is the baked cookie they sell. Warm it up and you have the perfect warm snack on a cold day or have it straight out of the packet after a long workout session. I usually take these to work with me just so I have a good snack that will help me increase my protein intake rather than just having a chocolate bar. Granted these are a bit calorie heavy but I just try to fit them into my daily allowance as at the end of the day they are still less calories than my previous snacks. 

Water Bottle

Now this is a bit of a random favourite to be honest but it is often hard to find a bottle these days that holds enough water and doesn't leak. For so long I have struggled with finding a bottle that wouldn't leak every time I used it but for a couple of pounds this one has been perfect. It is also a nice slim like design so I can actually put it into my bag or my bags side pocket and not have to worry about it leaking and I can finally have my hands free on my walk to work daily. This is lasting me a long time too even after being dropped plenty of times which is great. 

Men's Essential Training T-Shirt 

At the start of my journey in January 2020 I basically only wore Gymshark clothing or Under Armour as that is all I owned at the time and I felt comfortable in those brands. Towards the end of 2020 though I thought I would pick up a t-shirt from MyProtein to see what it felt like and it is safe to say I wasn't disappointed. The t-shirt is one of the best fitting ones I have had in a while and the bright red colour definitely stands out. It has washed really well too which shows that the material is good quality and I will definitely be buying more from MyProtein as my journey continues. 

Men's Velocity 1/4 Zip 

This 1/4 zip fits me absolutely perfectly and I am glad I stopped questioning myself on if I needed it or not. I wasn't too sure if the 1/4 zip style would actually suit me but I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on for my first wear. The quality of the material is just as good, if not better than their t-shirts and it cost me less than £20.00 too which makes it even better. I need to go back to their site and get stocked up on 1/4 zips and even try ones from other brands but thank you for introducing me to them MyProtein.  

These items are the ones I either love or reorder the most from the site although there is that much option on the website there are a whole lot more items that I need to try. The prices are always great at MyProtein and influencer's have some great discount codes so there is always a chance to save money on your purchases which is even better. I have never had any issues with the items I have ordered and I am really looking forward to using them again in the near future for clothing, supplements and accessories and it is about time I tried something new so what would you recommend I order? 

Leave me some MyProtein products either on here or social media and who knows you might just help me discover a new favourite thing. Now let's head on over and place a new order as a restock is needed...


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