My Style Is changing and so Is my Wardrobe Here Is What I am Hoping to happen

It is safe to say my mind has been all over the place lately, especially since I have begun to lose weight and we are coming out of the pandemic. As I described it to Liam the other day I am having a crisis about a lot of things, how the house looks, how I look and how I dress. The part that is getting to me the most is how I dress as I feel like a scruff to be completely honest I just haven't been the same since we went into our first lockdown in the UK. I want to really change that though I want to be more confident again and proud of my appearance once more and more importantly I want to be happy in what I wear once again. 

That is why I am going into this month with a fresh outlook on things and determined to make those changes to my style to find what I like the most and what I don't want any more. Over the past few months I have found myself getting sick of graphic t-shirts and ones from sports brands as well as slowly moving away from wanting to wear skinny jeans and tracksuits all the time. Yes there are some street wear elements I still love and I will continue to hold onto a few of those pieces for the days where I would rather opt for that style but mainly I want to go for a much smarter look whether it is smart for work or smart casual for days out. I always feel better when I put effort into my outfits and I feel more confident and comfortable doing this so it is about time this was my main focus in my wardrobe rather than buying things for the sake of it. So here is the plan for this month and moving forward in the future as I work on building my wardrobe to be more me and get that style I want to aim for... 

Clear out my wardrobe
The first step for the month is going to be getting caught up on all the washing and pulling out all my clothing so everything is in front of me so I can have a proper clear out of my wardrobe. This is something I haven't done properly in years but really needs doing as the majority of my clothing is worn out or just doesn't fit me anymore due to my weight loss. Plus by doing this I can find items that are going to fit my new go to style properly and what just isn't going to work anymore. I also need to stop clinging onto items for the sake of it now as the size of my wardrobe is getting ridiculous. I am hoping by pulling everything out of my wardrobe I am going to have a much clearer view of the direction I want to take things and also be a bit more ruthless. Who knows I might even get someone else around to help me be more brutal and get rid of items I really don't need. 

Hang or store things by seasons
At the moment my wardrobe is absolutely all over the place and this is due to it being shared with Liam and also the fact that all my seasons are mixed together due to my lack of organisation. I really want this to all be a clean slate for me so I am determined to get more organised as I start to put my clothing back away. I want things by seasons or even better I want to put anything that is out of season away into storage so I aren't having to scan through too much to get too what I actually need. I don't need to have my shorts out in winter so they can easily be put away. I am hoping by doing this my planning gets much quicker as I know what is suitable and I am also hoping it frees up a bit more space for me. I might even go one step further and categorize things into work, sweatshirts etc just to make things even easier. 

Make a list of what I already have
This is something that I really need to do as I have been buying too many similar items lately. I am constantly buying things that look the same as what I already have which means I am wasting wardrobe space and more importantly money which believe it or not I am trying to save at the moment for other things. I am hoping that by having a list on my phone of what I already have will make me think twice about what I am purchasing in the future and stop duplicates creeping in. By having this list I will also be able to see if an item will fit the desired style and go with other pieces before I actually purchase it for a change so I don't have to go make further purchases to accommodate something I didn't really need in the first place.

Make a list of what I need & only buy what fits this style
A bit of the opposite to the point I made above but I am hoping that I can keep a track of what I actually need to purchase rather than making purchases for the sake of it like I am now as I just waste money. I bet 50% of my wardrobe still has tags on which just goes to show those items weren't required. I want to make sure that my new list only has items on that are going to fit the new style I am aiming for rather than buying for the sake of it. I am going to try stay away from graphic t-shirts and stick to nice simple classic pieces that are nice and versatile. Fingers crossed this will help me stick to only things that I am going to wear and help me stick to the style I am aiming for and stop future crisis's which to be honest I am getting sick of. Plus if I only have the style I really want it will help me make more determined to stick to it for a longer period of time rather than going back and forth and winding myself up.  

Shop for better fitting pieces & better quality ones 
This is what I really need to do to smarten myself up and something that I should have been doing for a long time already. I am sick of pieces losing shape quickly and just looking like they don't fit me correctly. This really stops my style looking the best it can be so I am determined to change that from now on in my future habits. I wont be buying cheap for the sake of it, I would rather save up and wait for an item better quality and better fitting than paying for the same one 5 times over due to it being poor quality. It is about time that I started getting this done so that I am on top of my game and looking a whole lot better. For so long I have said I am going to do this so now lets get going with it. As I am losing weight this is going to be hard as I don't want to be losing my money on something that is going to be a bit bigger on me a few month later but it might end up being worth it in the long run. 

Keep a few items for if I do want to wear previous style 
I am going to have to do this as I just know some days I will want to revert back to my previous style just due to some days being more relaxed than others and me wanting to be lazy. I am hoping by having a few items left behind I will only revert to these when really necessary rather than going for them all the time as I wont have as many options as before. Even if I just have two outfits left behind it is still better than nothing. To be honest though I don't think I will be reverting to my old ways right often though as all I want to do is change things up lately. 

Take it slow buying new bits and experiment 
I want to really think about the items I am purchasing now as I am building my savings up etc and I think that whilst changing my wardrobe this is going to be the perfect time to start as I can experiment with what I have alongside any new bits I purchase. I want to take time rather than buying items there and then as I think when I rush decisions I am making them for the sake of it which is really annoying as then things don't get worn. I am hoping that by taking it slow when making purchases I am going to see a whole different side to shopping. 

Put more effort into planning outfits once more
Before the pandemic I was loving piecing items together to create outfits so I am hoping that as I transition my wardrobe and find that perfect style that the love for putting outfits together is going to come back. I am going to aim for Sundays to be my day where I spend a bit of time getting the weeks outfits ironed, put together and just generally plan ahead rather than rushing around on a morning. Fingers crossed by doing this my outfits look more put together again and I can get into a nice routine where I am more than happy to spend time looking through my wardrobe to see what works together and what doesn't. Outfit planning used to be one of my favourite times of the week so let's hope we can get to that stage once again. 

Fingers crossed that over the coming months you will see a lot of these style changes on the blog and over on my social media and hopefully you will see how much better I feel for doing this and how much it is lifting a weight from my shoulders. I am really hoping that doing these steps help me find that perfect style I am looking for and helps me have a better outlook on things once more. Do you ever find yourself wanting to change things?

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